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That Time I Partied at the Royal Albert Hall...

Hey everyone

So, last Thursday I partied with Mcfly and the Mcfly Family (fans) at the Royal Albert Hall (yep!!)  for the band's 10th Anniversary - honestly it was the most incredible show I've ever been to - now, I know I said that when I saw them on their {Memory Lane Tour} but the RAH show definitely surpassed it!

My dad ended up surprising me with tickets to the first RAH show after I was distraught at not being able to get tickets when they first went on sale - I don't even want to contemplate the extortionate price he paid for them! 

Our seats ended up being just 5 rows from the stage (I nearly had a mental beak down when I realised where we were sitting!) on Dougie's side (he's my fave member of the band so that just made me even more excited!)

I was absolutely in awe of how amazing the venue was - it was honestly stunning! - just look at it!

- the stage

- the venue

 - a cheeky selfie with Ma - well, it'd have been rude not to! :P

And then the show started - I nearly lost my voice as soon as they took to the stage! 
I loved how they opened the show with G's fave song 'Saturday Night'

-this shows pretty well how close we were to the stage, this was taken with no zoom!

Obviously (haha!) I took loads of photos of the Dougster - this one's my fave

Doug actually played the RAH organ for the opening of his song 'Transylvania' - watching him and the RAH manager oversee him was hilarious!

The highlight of the show was definitely when Mcfly were joined by Matt and James from Busted! It was such a big deal for the fans because Mcfly and Busted had never played together prior to this so it was super special to be their and witness it for the first time - they played Year 3000, Air Hostess & Shine a Light - they were so awesome! Shine a Light is Nam's favourite song so when they played it I rang her up and she was singing along at home!

Danny sang a bit of opera too in Italian (so sexy!) and accompanied himself with an electric guitar - I loved it - it was so intimate! 

Although McBusted was pretty awesome, I think that my highlight was hearing Tom's Mcfly Musical - as a massive Mcfly and musical fan this was right up my street! 

The lyrics and melody are so catchy and just genius I loved it - it's been stuck in my head ever since!
Check it out - WARNING: it will get stuck in your head....M.C.F.L.Y

{not my video}

I thought the set list was seriously perfect - I love how they opened with the same song that they opened their first tour with (so sentimental) and then played songs from each of their albums - the selection had just the right amount of old-school Mcfly, their newer stuff, slow songs, upbeat tunes - it was so so so good! I was so happy that I was able to hear 'Little Joanna' played live for the first time - it's a crazy difficult tune so they've never played it live before but thought they would give it a go for their anniversary - it was stunnning!

I loved how they gave us a sneak preview of their new song - 'Love is on the Radio' - it has a bit of a country twang to the melody which I obviously adore, the lyrics just represent where the band are in their lives right now perfectly and it has been stuck in my head for a week now - I am definitely guilty of listening to it on repeat!

Give it a listen --
{again not my video}

During 'The Heart Never Lies' I'm not going to lie - there was tears in my eyes (I held it together though, just about!) - I was just so proud of my fave band and all that they have achieved in these past 10 years - I realised how proud I was to be a Galaxy Defender and part of the Mcfly Family - the whole show had such a family birthday feel to it - it was so intimate and lovely.

All too soon the show was over and the pyrotechnics were stunning!

Obviously I had to buy some merch to remember the amazing day - I bought my standard poster, programme and t-shirt - I have to say that I love how classy and timeless the design is :)

So this post was basically written for my documentation to look back on - a lifestyle post if you will :)

aHm xoxo