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Shake Shack Hype...

Hey everyone

So last week I went to London for a few days with Ma primarily to see {Mcfly at the RAH} but whilst we were there I absolutely insisted that we visited Shake Shack!

After discovering that Shake Shack opened it's doors to the UK in the summer and hearing all the hype around it from bloggers/vlogggers in the UK and hearing about the crazy queues that occur (especially in NYC) I knew that Ma and I had to give it a go!

Shake Shack is situated in the indoor-y market-y part of Covent Garden (which, side note, is my absolute favourite part of London) with a lovely seating area just across the way - the atmosphere here was super nice and relaxing

As luck would have it Ma and I got to Shake Shack at literally dead on 12 noon and so there was hardly a queue - I'm must admit that I did plan out what I was going to order before we got there (mainly because I was so excited!) which was handy because we were only in the queue for a couple of minutes which wouldn't have been enough to fully peruse the menu!

Anyway, the whole queueing/ordering experience was completely painless and the staff were all really lovely and helpful - especially when waiting for me to decide what to order -  making sure that I hadn't forgotten anything! - and explaining how the whole Shake Shack order here then pick up from the window system worked. 

Once I had ordered Ma and I chose a table (because we had arrived at such a perfect time we had the pick of the tables!) and waited patiently (or at least tried to!) for our little buzzer thing to go off - both of us basically were just staring at it, willing it to go off!

And eventually (I say eventually but really it was that long - it was probably maximum 15 minutes) the little buzzer thing buzzed (or should I say shaked?!) and I literally jumped out of my seat and rushed over to the little window to collect my heaven sent metal tray of goodness!

(I'd like to say well done to Ma for snapping this photo -she's somewhat challenge when it comes to taking photos so I'm very impressed that this turned out okay!) 

So this is our glorious tray of amazing-ness - I'm so glad that I read reviews of other people's experiences at Shake Shack before I went because I managed to order the perfect amount of food which left us both full but not over-stuffed and we ate every morsel! 

We ordered two of the single ShackBurgers (cheeseburger, lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce), one of the cheese fries 

and then Ma had a diet coke and I had a fifty/fifty (iced tea and lemonade - could this restaurant be any more up my street?!)

I got overly excited at the perfection that was the most refreshing drink that I had ever experienced in my life - #fiftyfiftyforever

I'm a big fan of cheese fries but Ma however is not (she hates molten cheese with a passion) but both of us fell in love with these little golden beauties! The crinkley-ness was a lovely change from 'normal' fries and allowed them to be coated in the glorious cheese sauce - now you would be forgiven for initially thinking that this was just melted cheese (Ma and I both did) but you would be wrong - what this cheese is, is worlds apart from a bit of grated cheese slapped on top - it's an actual cheese sauce - a strong flavourful cheese roux -  that is just so darn moreish!

Now, onto the main event - the burger - good gracious, I mean - just look at them! They are stunning - they look so fresh and, dare I say it, almost healthy looking? Okay maybe not healthy - but definitely a lot cleaner looking than other greasy excuses for burgers!

I just had to take a close up - it had to be done! So, here's the 'before' shot...

...and after my first couple of bites! Oh my life - I can honestly say that this was the most delicious burger I have ever eaten - no exaggeration. The bun was a perfect accessory to the burger - it didn't overpower it at all - the burger itself was stunning, it was so tasty, tender and flavourful - you could really taste what good quality beef had been used to make it. Even the lettuce was perfectly crisp and tasty - not too much of it, just enough!

Obviously, having the sweet tooth that I have, I couldn't leave Shake Shack without trying one of their infamous frozen custards (it sounded too strange to pass up!) - side note: I've always wanted to try frozen custard ever since I read {Amy & Roger's Epic Detour} -  I decided on the Union Shack - as a chocoholic how could I pass up chocolate custard, brownie pieces, fudge sauce, chocolate pieces and sea salt?! 

Plus it was great how they put the frozen custard on hold for me so I could go back and get it once I was done with my burger so that it wouldn't melt - it's the little things about the Shake Shack experience that make me very happy!

I barely have words to describe this - it was just incredible, a definite contender for my most favourite dessert ever (and that's an accolade I can tell you!). I thought it was just going to be a sort of half-hearted ice-cream concoction but it actually tasted like custard (creme anglais even) - as you can see I was really enjoying it!

It was so delicious that I demolished the entire thing (with a little bit of help from Ma) and could quite easily have gone back up to the counter to order another (to try out a different flavour!) if it wasn't for the queue starting to get rather long and the thought that two may be a tad of an overkill :P

I can honestly say that both Ma and I (and Ma hates burger places/fast food) had an amazing meal at Shake Shack, the food was absolutely delicious, the service was great and friendly and it was reasonably priced too - I would have paid a lot more for this meal it was just that good!

I can't recommend Shake Shack enough and cannot wait to go back next time we're in the city!

Have you been to Shake Shack? Do you think it's worth the hype?

aHm xoxo