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MWIP: 38/52...

Hey everyone

This week went by super fast but it was awesome, here's what I got up to - I...

...caught little Prin rolled up all snug in a bug! Isn't she cute?!

...bought some new OPI nail polishes - 'Muir Muir on the Wall' & 'Nein Nein Okay Fine!' - I think they're both very autumn appropriate!

...got very excited with Ma for the fact the we went on a trip to London for a few days to see Mcfly at the Royal Albert Hall and to do some city shopping!

...got slightly obsessed when I realised that there was a Shake Shack in London and spent ages deciding on what I was going to order when I went!

...was craving tomato soup and orange juice when I was trying to fight off the flu :(

...fell in love with ios7 - it made my phone feel like an entirely new phone - it's just so bright and clean looking!

...had to make some new wallpapers for my phone seeing as ios7 messed up my old ones - I like how they turned out :)

...had an absolutely amazing time in London with Ma - it was honestly one of the best holidays I've ever had!

What did you get up to this week?

As always, if you want to link up and share your week in pictures then feel free to grab the button and link up below!