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MWIP: 36/52...

Hey everyone

This week was an a busy yet amazing one! So, I...

...took my breakfast to work one morning

...really enjoyed the last few days of summer - I'm quite proud of how this photo turned out!

...had my fave snack of carrots and hummus :)

...had a mocha cookie crumble without the cookie crumble - okay so it was a mocha frap with a shot of vanilla - Starbs may have taken the MCC off the menu but that wont stop me from getting my fix! :P

...had to make this little reminder to myself - it sucks.
...realised that no matter how hard I try to forget him, I will always have a reminder on my passenger car seat - yay. #sarcasm 

...found this at the supermarket and just had to buy some! I've been loving it all week!
Did anyone else used to love this stuff?

...had to get quite a bit of a rush on to finish my portfolio on time - so you may have noticed I was a tad {MIA} this week!

...utterly gave up trying to keep my room tidying and focused entirely on my portfolio

...had a cheeky bacon sarnie and some Sunny D 
(told you I was obsessed with it!)

...went on some lovely walks with little Prin and Ma down the field and near the lakes

...got a little snap-happy with the sky

...played a lot of chase on those walks :P

...did the final organisational bits and pieces to finish my portfolio ready for my assessment

...couldn't believe it when I found out that {I passed!} my portfolio assessment after my 14 week placement!

What did you get up to this week?

As always if you fancy writing your own MWIP post here's the button and don't forget to leave your link in the comments!

aHm xoxo