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MWIP: 36/52...

Hey everyone

So I realise that this weeks MWIP post is going up a tad late but this week has been pretty hectic - it's my last week week of placement before my assessment so I've been crazy getting my portfolio all finished and ready - but nevertheless, here it is - I...

...enjoyed my breakfast outside

...painted my nails with my fave summer colour JW 'Hot Pink'

...became addicted to washi tape 

...realised how much I love living where I live - it's just so pretty

...went for dinner with my dad and had my fave carpaccio  and...

..a really delicious starter platter - I seriously love Italian food :)

...spent an entire morning trying to sort out the stats for my re-validation section of my portfolio only to realise that I was doing it all wrong! It only took me about ten minutes when I finally figured out how to do it properly so I treated myself to a cookie when it was all done!

...enjoyed a cheeky 'on the beach' cocktail one evening :)

...thought the packaging that Ma's new purchases from {alphabet bags} came in was so cute!

...made some homemade guac when I cooked Mexican food for Ma and I - next time I am definitely adding more chilli!

...enjoyed some lovely walks by the lakes and in the field

...realised just how photogenic my babies are

... took a few too many pictures of little Prin (if there is such a thing :P) enjoying her walk - isn't she just adorable?!

...took some pretty cool pictures of the skies whilst on these walks - again, I love living where I live!

...spied these new dairy mils choccies - they're basically pebble shaped smarties - not that I'm complaining :P

...snapped some pictures of Prin as per - first when she was spying out of the window in her neighbourhood watch role :P, snoozing in bed with me and Ma and begging me to play with polar bear when I was supposed to be working on my portfolio :P

Hope you had a better week than I did!

aHm xoxo