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City Break Packing...

Hey everyone

At the moment I am procrastinating planning what I want to pack to take with me to London - Ma and I are going for a little break in the city - mainly to see Mcfly play their 10th anniversary show at the Royal Albert Hall (I'm just a teensy bit excited!) and we decided to stay for a few days down there and have a lovely girly weekend :)

Anyway - here I am trying to decide what to pack - now, I'm a dreadful over packer, but seriously - it's an issue. Every time I try to think about packing I try making a list and just end up wanting to take near enough my whole wardrobe away with me - and that's just not practical :P

So this trip I decided to try really hard at planning my outfits out and taking things that I can mix and match to hopefully not over pack (or under pack!) and actually wear everything I pack for once!

I mean you can't go wrong with jeans, a basic tee, a cute necklace and a fun scarf. A jacket is a must in this dreadful autumnal weather we are having at the moment (no crisp bright mornings in sight- just monsoon style rain here!) - I think a trench is so chic for the city and seeing as I'm going to a concert I figured a leather jacket is a must! As for my shoe choices - what can I say? I'm a sneakers person - they're just so comfy!!

What do you take on short city breaks? 
What are your packing essentials for trips?

aHm xoxo