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Autumn Shopping List...

Hey everyone

Seeing as yesterday marked the official first day of autumn (or fall - whatever floats your boat - I always think that fall sounds so much cuter than autumn - anyway, I'm digressing) I thought it was appropriate to write my Autumn Shopping List. 

When each new season rolls around there are always some staples that I feel the need to add to my wardrobe - this summer it was the boyfriend t-shirt - and no seasons fashion gets me more excited (and makes my bank balance hurt the most!) than autumn! 

I am in desperate need of some new jeans - mine are looking decidedly on the wrong side of 'distressed' - and these standard {black} and {dark wash} ones from ASOS look like they would fit the bill perfectly!

I feel like blazers are an absolute staple and I am ashamed to admit that I only have one navy blazer that is so old now it's practically falling apart so I think that this {navy} one is a good replacement and while I'm at it a {black} and a {nude} would be a good addition too - don't you think?!

All summer I used my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC in {pink} and loved carrying around less so I want to find a cute small bag to carry this autumn - ideally I would love the {navy} mini MAC but I'm not sure I can justify the expense but I think that {this} one from River Island is a cute alternative :)

Footwear-wise I think that I really need to get some leopard print in my wardrobe (I recently picked up a leopard print scarf and have worn it so much already - I am now definitely veering towards classing it as a neutral!) and {these} slippers are so cute! Similarly, riding boots are are such an autumn classic - I bought my first pair of riding boots last year (in a dark tan leather) and absolutely lived in them - so I thought adding a {black} pair would be a good idea! - I really like the double buckle on these ones and they are very reasonably priced - win win!

What's on your Autumn/Fall Shopping List?

aHm xoxo