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MWIP: 35/52...

Hey everyone

Nothing major happened this week (aside from the big reveal of my new blog design!! - lemme know how you like it!) so I don't really have much to say other than here's what I got up to - I...

...am still working my way through The Hills - this time with a nice cup of tea - this saddens me somewhat because it must be getting colder if I'm having tea :(

...discovered and became obsessed with the {Vineyard Peach} scent from {The Body Shop} - I'm gutted it's only limited edition - I think I'm going to have to go and stock up!

...thoroughly enjoyed the decadence of these cookies - whoever thought to put gooey chocolate inside a cookie is a genius

...had the first cup of tea in our new {Cath Kidston} mugs - aren't they adorable?

...took a #shamelessselfie

...had probably my last Mocha Cookie Crumble of the year #sob

...went a little crazy on stationery (to the tune of nearly £40 - I know, I know! #nojudgingplease) but I just couldn't resist the awesome hilarity of these post it notes and who can resist a zebra? Not this girl.

...experienced one of the most hilarious moments of my life when little Prin fell into a clay/mud puddle - she didn't realise how deep it was, slipped and totally belly-flopped - as you can see she ended up being one mucky pup!

...after that disaster she obviously had to have a bath which, as you can see, she wasn't very impressed about!

...had a lovely dinner with my bestie Lj and my goddaughter Boodles - isn't she just the cutest?!

...bought a new facial cleanser to add into my morning {skincare routine} - it's one of those 2-in-1 products and I'm all for anything that makes my morning routine quicker so I can have longer in bed :P

...found this super cute metal shopping basket in TK Maxx that I just couldn't pass up! I decided to use it for all my planner decorating supplies (I've become borderline obsessed with making my planner look pretty, so expect some posts on that  coming soon!) plonked on my desk

...took many pictures of Prin as per - with my JW ribbon in her mouth,  stealing my seat when I was working outside, sprawled on the floor waiting for Ma to come home, out in the garden playing, chilling on my bed & eyeing up my diet coke!

Hope y'all had a great week - what did you get up to?

P.S. as always if you fancy linking up and sharing your MWIP then just grab the button and leave your link in the comments - I'd love to see them!

aHm xoxo