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MWIP: 34/52...

Hey everyone

Well, if you've been following me on {twitter} or {tumblr} or read {this} post then you'll know that this week was one of the worst week of my life (and no, I'm seriously not exaggerating). After five years the bf and I broke up - and it wasn't pretty. It sucked. 

But nevertheless, here's what I got up to this week (don't worry - I've spared you multiple tear-stained selfies and snaps of lots of chocolate and ice cream - you're welcome), I... 

... had my usual mocha cookie crumble - I will be so sad when they stop serving these :(

...bought Prin a new toy - his name is Jeremy the Giraffe :P

...I bought some new bedding - isn't the fact that it's an American flag just too perfect?!

...managed to resist (again) buying the J Crew Pixie pants! I feel like I would get so much wear out of them but they are just so darn expensive!

...did some more work on my case study but I really need to get down to work on my portfolio next week - I've definitely been slacking #oops !

...couldn't decide what colour to paint my nails - thanks to {Between Friends Fashion} on {twitter} for helping me to decide!

...went for Barry M's 'Guava' - I love it, it's super bright and summery!

...very nearly booked myself a little break to my favourite place in the whole world - but I resisted. Seriously regretting this now.

...tried to console myself with retail therapy - I bought this super cute dress from {Joules} - how adorable is the hunting print?!

...fancied giving this intriguing hot chocolate a try!

...snapped the obilgatory photos of Little Prin. How cute is she in the last one? It was after her bath and I think that she looked like a little pygmy puff!

...finally got my monograms from {the preppy ladybug} - I love them! 
Pssst...keep an eye out for a review on them!

What did you do this week? 
I hope that your week was a darn sight better than mine!

aHm xoxo