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MWIP: 32/52...

Hey everyone

Apparently I was very snap-happy this week so I've got loads of pictures to share with you so here's MWIP - this week I...

...fell in love with the Magnum 'Loving Kiss' ice-cream - meringues, fruits and chocolate - what's not to love?!

...couldn't decide what to order at Starbucks so I ordered two talls #sorryimnotsorry

...had a right issue trying to download office onto my new laptop (yay for my new laptop!) - the tech support people were absolutely no help so I just ended up turning it off and on again at a couple of different points when it seemed stuck and that seemed to work!

...was so annoyed by what a waste of packaging my printer ink was delivered in - ridiculous!

...found that Little Prin really enjoyed trying out my new laptop :P

...decided to take my TV out of my room and re-utilise my 'Dave' table from Ikea as a make-up station -  really like how it turned out :)

...enjoyed snuggles with Princess and the bf :)

...am loving my nails at the moment! Ma and I recently splurged and bought a gel manicure set so I have been using the clear gel polish and then painting whatever 'normal' polish colour I fancied over it! This one is Essie's 'Turquoise & Caicos' - I love it! This is my first Essie polish - I don't know why it took me this long to try them! 
Anyone else a fan of Essie? I'm looking for more Essie to add to my collection so any suggestions would be much appreciated!
side note: I never really understood what the big deal was with gel polish until I tried them - ohmylife I am converted - I love them! - I love how strong they make my nails and how long they last for - cannot rave about them enough!

...bought Prin a new toy which she promptly fell in love with - it hasn't left her side since I gave it to her!

...realised that all of the seasons of The Hills is on LOVEFiLM - I never watched all of the episodes of The Hills I just caught a few whenever there was nothing else on but I've been wanting to sit down and watch them all - so you can bet this is what I've been doing at every spare moment since this discovery!
Anyone else obsessed with The Hills?

...I bought some Limeade - this used to be my fave drink as a child!

...found this for only £1 (yes!!) and couldn't resist buying it! Watching The Hills has got me obsessed (even more than before!) with Lauren Conrad - she's just so lovely and stylish!
Just me?

...spied a little monster hiding in the garden - such a cutie!

...indulged in a venti mocha cookie crumble to soothe my frazzled nerves after a very stressful time trying to sort out my new phone (I'm now an iPhone use by the way - please leave me app suggestions in the comments - I'd really appreciate it!)!

...tried iced tea lemonade for the first time - and fell in love!

...bought my first case for my new phone - I decided that I wanted a classic one to match my purse :)
side note: I do have the Stitch one with movable ears on order though! 

...discovered that the bf had taken this on my birthday (read about that {here} & {here} by the way if you fancy it!)

...enjoyed going out for breakfast with Ma #nom :)

...made dinner for Ma and I - I made the only dish that I can actually make well - Mexican - my absolute fave!

What did you do this week?

aHm xoxo