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Let's Catch Up & MWIP: 31/52...

Hey everyone

So I feel like I have been away from my little blog for ages
I hope it doesn't seem like I have neglected y'all too much! 

As you may know my laptop essentially died approx. two weeks ago and I'm not a big fan of blogging on my iPad so my MWIP posts were really the only things happening on here for those two weeks!

Additionally, I finished up my second block of placement last week so I was busy making sure that I had all the evidence that I needed for my portfolio before I left - I have to say that it was a crazy 7 weeks but it was so awesome - especially the last month that I spent in Haematology!

Anyway - I have my new laptop #wooop so I am back to blogging now - thank goodness! 
You can expect a mass of {Belle's Book Club} posts coming up ASAP because I read loads of books whilst on placement so have lots of reviews to catch you all up on! 
#sorryimnotsorry #bookwormprobs

Enough of my rambling now - I hope you are all caught up - and here's MWIP from last week, I...

...laughed a lot at Ma when she said that she treated herself to her new Kindle as a push present that was 20 years too late :P

...found the raspberry and cranberry iced lemonade from Costa very palatable - not a patch on my Starbs mocha cookie crumble frap though :P

...bought these crisps for Ma because I know how much she loves lobster - apparently they're very tasty!

...took a #shamelessselfie #oops

...had a perfect night with my kindle, diet coke in a Starbs tumbler and chocolate fro-yo

...had my annual summer read of one of my absolute favourite books - I wrote a review of it last summer which you can find {here} to save me waxing lyrical about it here all over again!

...had an awesome early morning swim at one of Ma's friends indoor pool - heaven!

...isn't it stunning?! I had forgotten just how much I loved swimming - such a good workout that doesn't even feel difficult!

...had to finally admit my tumbler obsession - Ma has been telling me for months that it had gotten out of hand and I was forced to agree when I put them on display in my room
#oops #sorryimnotsorry

...was treated to a lovely manicure and pedicure from my bestie Lj for my birthday - I chose to have a french manicure on my fingers because I would never even attempt to give myself one at home - it's a tough enough task just painting them all over with just one colour! - and my toes a lovely cornflower blue :)

Again, apologies for this MWIP for being late but fear not (I knew you were fearing :P) my blogging should be back on track from now!

What did you do this week?

aHm xoxo