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Belle's Book Club: Preppy Little Liars...

Hey everyone

Next up in my Belle's Book Club: Summer 2013 series I'm sharing - Preppy Little Liars by Amber Turner


Synopsis (via Goodreads

Meg Little desperately wants to be editor in chief of the Haverton Gazette after the former editor resigns to complete a stint in rehab for a raging Adderall addiction. 

When Margaret Bean, Haverton Prep’s star equestrian, is bucked from her horse two weeks before regionals, Meg believes she may have found the story that will win her the coveted position. Margaret’s a gold medal-winning rider—she doesn’t make mistakes. 

But the rest of the school buys her fall as an accident. Even Meg’s best friend thinks the fall was innocuous—until Meg shows him a photo of Margaret’s horse sporting a cut saddle after the event. Clearly, the “accident” was sabotage. 

Against Margaret’s wishes to let broken girls lie, Meg launches an investigation into the equestrian team. As regionals approaches, Meg learns the students of Haverton are far more dangerous than their plaid skirts and blazers suggest—and all the little liars on Margaret’s team have something to hide.

My Thoughts

Okay - so I will admit that the only reason I bought this book was because I thought that it would combine my love for all things preppy and the awesomeness that is Pretty Little Liars - yeh that didn't really work out.

As it turns out the only Preppy part about it was the fact that the kids went to a Prep school - at no point were monograms or Lilly mentioned - and as for the Little Liars part I can only presume that the author used it for exposure - I didn't feel like the whole book was a web of lies that couldn't be untangled like its namesake. 

Another reason that may have been the cause of why I didn't really enjoy this book was the fact that the kids in it were pre-teen/early teen - it reminded me of The Clique series age group - which is just a tad too young for me to enjoy reading now.

I thought that the plot was quite interesting - a student journo trying to uncover the truth about a sabotaged horse show - but I did find it to be just a tad far-fetched - I mean, how am I expected to believe that a high schoolers family member would be an expert in knives and could just happen to identify the main clue. And don't even get me started on the teenage pregnancy that literally came out of nowhere - I was under the impression that these kids were a lot younger than that! I found myself going 'yeh right, as if' at multiple points in the book.

There were some interesting plot twists however that I didn't see coming that helped to piece together (and drag out) the story but I have to say that I did spot the bad guy about halfway through the book thanks to some heavy description - rookie error - there was just too much emphasis put on such an insignificant detail!

I found the characterisation to be pretty good - none of the characters really stood out to me but they were alright.

All in all I would say that this book was just okay - it was alright to pass the time but there wasn't really anything spectacular about it. Maybe if I was younger or hadn't expected as much from it then I would have perhaps enjoyed it more. I can't say that I will be reading any future books in the series if there ever is any.

Would you read this book? 

aHm xoxo