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Belle's Book Club: My Side...

Hey everyone

Next up in my Belle's Book Club: Summer 2013 series I'm sharing - My Side by Tara Brown


Synopsis (via Goodreads

Erin Benson felt like she'd won the lottery when she arrived all the way from North Dakota with the keys to her first home in hand.
Crisp white walls: Check. 
Breathtaking view of downtown Boston: Check. 
Minutes from Northeastern School of Law: Check.

But home is not always where the heart is. Sometimes it’s where you find Mr. Random shacked up and sprawled out on what was supposed to be your new bed.
Between the bear spray and the handcuffs, she discovers a terrible mistake has been made.
Lochlan hasn't broken into her new home to sleep with a seedy barmaid...he owns half.

With emotions running on high, Erin is determined to tough it out until a solution can be found.
The tight quarters seem smaller with his accumulated clutter and bizarre sleeping schedule. It also doesn't help that he's the new lead singer for Thin Ice, an indie band on its rise to fame.
What happens when a quiet bookworm gets stuck with a relentless rocker?
What happens when the things you see are not the things you get?

My Thoughts

Now, this book was an odd one.

I liked the concept of the book - I mean come on, what girl was dreamed of being thrown together with a celebrity - I know I have (Hello Dougie Poynter :P)! - but this book wasn't the cliche chicklit that I was expecting.

For one thing, Erin & Lochlan (can we just acknowledge what a weird name that is?!) get together (I'm not spoiling anything here because it is blatantly obvious from their first meeting that they will end up together) really quickly - call me old fashioned but I like a chicklit to follow the pattern of the couple uhmming and aahing over whether they should be together, experiencing a tragic hardship that seemingly separate them forever and then they get finally get together, defying all odds. But this book didn't - Erin and Lochlan got together really quickly so the story just got a bit dissatisfying after that - the romance part is always my fave and I only got to enjoy a few brief chapters of that before they became a couple.

The rest of the book just went a tad downhill after they got together to be honest, I didn't really care about their relationship struggles (sorta ruined the fairytale for me!) - I think Erin was wrong to not trust Lochlan because it was obvious he was totally in love with her and just kept putting up obstacles for them. She was right pain. 

I will admit it though - I completely fell for Lochlan (despite his silly name!) - he was just so adorable and so head over heels for Erin - okay, he had slight anger issues but I would be willing to overlook them :P

I thought the tragic incident that happened towards the ending in regards to Lochs family was useful in spicing up the plot a bit and getting things excited again. Though I did feel that the comparison of the 'love' between Erin's parents and Loch's was a bit over done - yep totally got the fact that Loch's were a whole lot more in love from the first explanation - didn't need the big realisation from Erins' parents or Erin - a bit unrealistic if you ask me.

I found the end a little bit predictable and a tad  vomit inducing for my liking - it was so cliche romantic all - "I will love you forever, you're the best thing that happened to me, I will stick by you forever..blah blah blah" *blergh* - and I got a little Twilight deja vu at one point - Loch bought Erin a ring that she didn't realise was a real diamond (yeh he proposed - again obvious when you read why - bet you can guess why :P) - not very original if you ask me.

All in all I liked this book - I raced through the start but then slowed up as I got through. I wouldn't rush to read it again (the plot was a bit predictable and there was a bit too much graphic detail and swearing for my liking) but I probably would read it again just to read the romance of Loch again - *le sigh* :P

Would you read this book? 

aHm xoxo