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20th Birthday Recap: Dinner...

Hey everyone

This time last week I was enjoying my birthday dinner at {Hickory's} in Chester - if you've read {this} post you will know just how much I am obsessed with this American barbecue restaurant - it was the obvious choice for my birthday dinner!

Avid readers (haha!) may remember that I ended up going to Chester on 19th birthday too - check it out {here}

I obviously had to take a #shamelessselfie - it was my birthday so #nojudgements please :P

We went and sat by the river whilst we waited for our table to be ready - I swear it's a curse of my family that we are always early to everything!

the bf joined us obviously :)

when we got to the table there was balloons - of course - so embarrassing but lovely at the same time!

one of my fave things about Hickory's is the popcorn whilst you decide what to order - such a unique touch!

the bf enjoyed his first time drinking Bud out of a tankard - previously he'd only drunk out of the bottles - what a common youth! (only joking bf :P)

After much deliberations we had chosen - to start with I went for the pulled pork nachos - oh boy - they were stunning

the bf went for 'Prawns in the USA' - first off awesome name! Secondly I have on good authority that it was very yummy!

Ma & Nam went for 'Burnt Ends' aka crispy brisket pieces - I may have stolen a few piece and can say that they were delicious!

my drink of choice was obviously iced tea - this one was passion fruit or peach I can't remember! - and it came in a jar - I have an obsession with jars (mason in particular but I will settle for jam) so I got a little bit excited - see below :P

I love the bfs face in this one :P

as for main courses - Ma went for this grilled sea bass with roasted sweet potato - I'm not a fan of fish but I do have to concede that it was presented really nicely and rustic with the wooden board and the fish grill cage too.

Nam had some fish dish too - I think it was salmon but I forgot to take a picture of it - but she really enjoyed it!

I couldn't resist having the burger (I wax lyrical about it {here}) because of the amazing brioche bun - so good!

the bf had this crazy monstrosity - the roadhouse burger - it's an absolute beast! 

I mean - come on, just look at it!

as for desserts there had to be cake - it was my birthday after all! The cake was super chocolate-y and awesome with this amazing giant sparkler candle!

despite the cake I had to order my usual campfire marshmallows - I love how you toast your own marshmallows on a mini campfire and then...

...dip them in yummy chocolate. I may or may not have asked for a spoon to eat the rest of the melted chocolate #sorryimnotsorry

I know this picture is terrible quality (Nam took it - blesh her she's not great with technology!) but it just makes me chuckle!

aHm xoxo