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The Glitter Sandal Hunt...

Hey everyone

I have been lusting after the target glitter sandals ever since I've first saw them being splashed all over the blogosphere - they are just too perfect!

But, seeing as I am target-less here in the UK (much to the relief of my bank account but to my utter dismay!) I have been on the hunt to find me some sparkly sandals!

After many hours trawling the interwebs on many different days - I finally found some feasible options...

So these were the Target originals that had sparked sparkled (I'm hilarious aren't I :P) off my interest - the perfect sandal for the perfect price in my opinion - why oh why is there no Target in the UK?! I then spotted these from {River Island} - they're slightly more gem-y/stone-y rather than glittery but the effect is the same - the price however definitely is not! But then I struck gold - or rather silver :P - I spied these beauties in {Matalan} - glitter sandals in either gold or silver for only £10 - what a steal!

I just wish that I had found them at the start of the summer  - I just can't justify buying a new pair of sandals so late in the season no matter how much of a great deal/how much I had been lusting after them!

Are you as much of a fan of the glitter sandals as I am?

aHm xoxo