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Summer Nails...

Hey everyone

Since I've been on placement (and been stress free now that the uni year is over!) my nails have been growing like crazy (finally!) so obviously I've been loving painting them and discovering new nail polish colours.

So, I thought I'd share my fave summer nail polished with y'all :) ...

As you can see I'm all about the bright coloured nails for summer 

This polish is on its lonesome because it doesn't really fall into any of the categories I've put the others in but I just had to include it - Andrea Fullerton's Trio in Petrol in the Water is this super awesome polish that looks exactly like that awesome rainbow colour that happens when petrol gets on water (guess the clue is in the name! :P) - so unusual!

I'm loving a bit of orange this summer - Barry M's Papaya Gelly Polish is such a pretty understated colour but for me it's Nails Inc.'s Westbourne Grove that really steals the show - it's this insanely bright neon (as in glow in the dark bright) orange - it is so perfect for summer!

Now, seeing as I'm on placement at the moment, I like to have some more professional-looking nail polish on - enter OPI's Kyoto Pearl - it actually looks like pearls are on your nails; so pretty! - and Barry M's Lychee Gelly Polish - for me, this is the most perfect nude polish!

Next up is the pinks - I wouldn't really consider myself much of a 'pink girl' but apparently I love a bit of pink polish in the summer time! 
Now, I know that JW is not a brand that is well known for its nail polish but I adore these two pinks - Electric Pink and Hot Pink - not very exciting names but beautiful colours. Electric Pink is a standard neon pink (very pretty) but Hot Pink is definitely my fave - it's a lovely fuchsia colour :) 
Another Barry M Gelly Polish has obviously been included because (if you haven't guessed already) I love their formulation and this Dragon one is a perfect milky pink - a staple in everyones collection if you ask me! 
Finally, this Butter London Disco Biscuit has been on my wish list for ages and I finally picked it up not too long ago - it's a stunning fuchsia with blue glitter in it - it's stunning!

Seeing as I wouldn't class myself as a 'pink girl' I would definitely class myself as a 'blue girl' - hence why my blue/green corner is the largest - if I'm honest I really had to limit myself when I pulled these from my collection! 
As you can see, the majority of these are the Barry M Gelly Polishes; I just think they do the most stunning blue/greens! Key Lime is the perfect lime green (I've been searching for one for eons; I find greens can look a little icky if you're not careful!). Blue Grape (I've have to say that I've never seen a blue grape though) is a stunning cobalt - I swear, since I've bought this, I've become obsessed with everything and anything cobalt! Blueberry is a lovely mid-tone blue - it reminds me of a pool :P Greenberry isn't really very green in my world - I'd say it's a really pretty turquoise and I love it! Guava is a teal colour that I think will look great with a tan!
Finally, Nails Inc.'s Haymarket is the most perfect Tiffany Blue colour that I've ever found. It literally matches perfectly! I adore it - I always tend to wear it when I'm at a loss as to what colour to wear because I know that it will match my Tiffany necklace whatever I'm wearing :)

Please let me know in the comments what your fave nail polishes for summer are - being the nail polish hoarder that I am, I'm always on the lookout for some pretty colours to add to my collection!

P.S. Well done me for using my actual camera to take these photos - #problogger #onlyjoking :P

aHm xoxo