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MWIP: 30/52...

Hey everyone

So I'm still without a laptop which explains the lack of posts - sorry about that! 
But, I have just ordered my new laptop so I should be back to posting soon - I've missed it!

Anyways, this week was a crazy last week of placement so my pictures are few and far between, but - nevertheless here they are...

...my first 15 stars free drink voucher came! I'm so excited to use it!

...I bought a new diary for 2013/2014 - yes I did buy the exact same diary as I got last year - I just loved it so much! Who can say no to Winnie?!

...I became a massive fan of Nivea! I repurchased the in-shower moisturiser (an absolute god send if you are lazy like me and can't be bothered to moisturise after a shower!) and thought I'd try their creme soft shower creme - I love it! They both smell so clean and fresh - perfect so this glorious heat wave in the UK at the moment!

...I finished my second block of placement - I was super sad to leave haematology - I loved it so much and felt like I fitted right in and learnt loads! But I do have to say that I won't miss these early starts for the next five weeks!

What did you do this week?

aHm xoxo