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MWIP: 29/52...

Hey everyone
So first off - apologies if my little blog is being a tad quiet this week - my laptop is ever so slightly dead meaning that I cant write posts - so I'm in the process of choosing a new one to order!
Nevertheless - here's what I did this week...
...had a lovely summery Sunday lunch outside with the family
...set the TV up outside to watch the final of Wimbledon with Ma - so proud of Andy Murray!!
...made Mexican for the bf and I - completely forgetting that he isn't the biggest fan of spicy foods - sorry bf!
...painted my nails with OPIs 'Don't Touch My Tutu!'
...got a very exciting package in the post from {American Soda} - all my faves!
...bought some new work shoes for this heat wave England is experiencing still (loving it!) - I chose the Birkenstocks because I can wear them without socks and I know that once they're broken in, they will be the comfiest shoes ever! Plus the pattern is really cute :P
...had a Starbs (a really disappointingly rubbish one) in Liverpool when we took G for his eye clinic appointment.
...took Prin for a walk round the lakes - she had fun investigating (and being a big chicken) the water
...took some pretty pictures on said walk around the lakes
...reached my first Starbs reward - it was a proud moment :P
...spent some time with my babies - they're just too cute. They're not big fans of this hot weather though!
...spent Saturday having some quality time with my kindle, reading in the sunshine and breaking in my new {monogrammed mason jar tumbler} with some raspberry iced tea :)
...went to the zoo on Sunday with Lj and my goddaughter - I had an awesome time wandering around with them!
...couldn't resist buying me and Lj half a yard of slush each at the zoo! It was just too fun to pass up and I'm addicted to blue slush anyway! We did end up getting a refill later on in the day so it ended up that we both had a yard of slush - I think that's pretty impressive :P
What did you do this week?
aHm xoxo