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MWIP: 28/52...

Hey everyone

So this week was a busy one, I...

...went to watch Despicable Me 2 with the bf - I loved the first film mainly because the minions were so cute, wasn't that much of a fan of them being turned purple but I did love the second film anyway!

...shared a pizza with the bf before we went to watch the film 
fun fact: the first time we met was at that same Pizza Hut five years ago - it was the start of something pretty awesome - love you bf

... laughed as the bf ordered a chocolate milkshake as his drink of choice - he's such a child :P

...had a sleepy Princess for company

...got very excited when the bf brought me a Magnum ice cream - he knows just what treats I love!

...painted my nails with OPIs 'My Pointe Exactly' - because it's so sheer it did need three coats but with a base coat and a top coat it lasted for 6 days on my nails - and that's with me working in a lab too (so my nails get ruined pretty fast!) - I was so impressed!

...enjoyed my fave carpaccio when I went out for dinner with my Dad. I've just found a restaurant that serves it near me and I literally have to stop myself from going every week just to get my carapaccio fix! I need to take the bf because he loves carpaccio too! 
side note: give me carpaccio (raw beef) over sushi (raw fish) anyday!

...watched some Wimbledon with Prin and Ma

...finished my Yankee 'Beach Walk' candle - I was sad to see this one end because I really loved the smell of it! Especially the sea salt - I'm loving the smell of sea salt at the moment! 

...bought Princess a new box for all her toys - I thought it was just so cute and it goes# so well with the shabby chic decor in our lounge :)

...found some Flipz at TK Maxx so just had to pick them up 

...spent nearly the whole of Saturday in the garden soaking up the glorious sunshine-y weather we are having at the moment! I'm seriously praying that it's here to stay now!

...found a massive ragwort plant growing in my garden! These plants usually grow near horses and are poisonous to them (and us!) so every year I have to battle with digging them all up and burning them before the horses eat them. 
But seeing as I don't keep my horses in my garden I have no idea how this plant got here! Needless to say that I dug it up and disposed of it pretty quick because of how poisonous its scent is (and I didn't want Prin eating it!). 
I just hope that none of the neighbours have any in their gardens because they might not know it's poisonous and just leave it to grow - the yellow flowers it has aer pretty nice and deceiving :S

...loved how beautiful Nam's garden is looking at the moment

...had a sneaky mini bottle of Lanson when we had a family takeaway night at Nams - it was the perfect thirst quencher for a hot summers evening!
...ate outside when we had said takeaway night at Nams. Didn't she set the table all lovely and summery?!

...had an impromptu photo shoot with Princess when I had my sun-worshipping day - isn't she just adorable?!

What did you do this week?
P.S. feel free to link up with your MWIP - I'd love to see them!

aHm xoxo