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Summer Uniform 2013...

Hey everyone

I'm one of those people who has to have 'go-to' outfits for different occassions - I like to have fall backs that I know that I like and will be appropriate. 

So, I thought I'd share my Summer 2013 Uniform with y'all :)

Casual Lunch Out: stripes, 'merica & sperrys - all of my favourite things :P

Drinks With Friends: I'm a massive fan of sheer shirts, I swear I have about 8 in various different colours from last year - they are just so so comfy but look so cute and dressy. I'm not a heels person so I have quite the sandal collection going on :P

Shopping: I love coloured jeans - they just make me feel so summery!

BBQ: again, it's those sheer shirts, but this time they're sleevess :P Plus, I just bought some animal print sandals and I literally wear them with everything - they are just so versatile - I was pleasantly surpirsed!

Picnic in the Park: a white sundress is a classic for summer, a cardi for if you get chilly and nautical/patriotic sperrys - perfection.

Dinner: white jeans are another summer staple for me (but I'm on the hunt for a new pair so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be much appreciative!) plus ruffled tank tops (they're just so much cuter than plain ones!) and gotta throw a bit of my new lust item in here - the TB Miller Sandals *le sigh* - aren't the gorge?!

Errand Running: norts are an absolute classic (I wear mine literally all of the time, they are just so darn comfy!) and platinum sperrys - these will be mine soon! - I've been banging on about them for months now!

What's in your summer uniform?

aHm xoxo