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Summer Break 2013...

Hey everyone

My breaks have been very different last year - I'm sort of transitioning into the Big Girl World of work (and learning that it's not all it's cracked up to be! :P only joking!) and the feeling of having my super long breaks being whittled down - not a fan!

Nevertheless, I am super happy that I got my placement (not saying that I wont be glad when my portfolio is all done and dusted though!) but the fact that now, just after I had gotten into the swing of my summer routine I have to start work again (workin' 9 til 5, what a way to make a livin' :P).

So, this summer break I wish I was...

...not having to think about wearing a 'work appropriate' outfit and could just pull on my standard summer uniform every day instead

P.S. These platinum boat shoes need to get themselves into my life soon! A potential, 'well done for finishing the first week back at placement' to myself? #potential

...spending the afternoons chilling in the sun with this little Princess

...venturing out to get my mocha cookie crumble fix - anyone else absolutely head over heels for these?!
side note: a new Starbs has opened near me and it's like heaven, honest - the staff are all super friendly and the store is so spacious and chilled - I can definitely see myself going there to work on my portfolio!

{via google}

...getting through my {2013 Summer Reading List} on my Sophie (no kindle for me - I'm too old school for that!)

...listening to my Guilty Pleasure (country genre) on repeat - in my car, in my earphones - I just can't get enough!

... just generally chilling out after a stressful second year of uni and catching up on my 'me time'! 
...Having days with no plans, no time constraints, just pure freedom. 
It's good for the soul :P

What do you wish you were doing this summer?
Or, better yet, what are you doing this summer - so I can vicariously live my summer through yours!

P.S. I did the same kind of wishful thinking post for my {Spring Break} - check it out!

aHm xoxo