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MWIP: 26/52...

Hey everyone

Apparently I was feeling quite snap happy this week! So here's what I go up to - I...

...made mexican food for Ma & I on Saturday - love Mexican food! I have an obsession with guacamole at the moment #yum

...enjoyed the tiniest cornetto ever - plus it wasn't ice-cream, it was just chocolate - my mind was blown.

...decided that Ma had been spending waay too much time on tumbler judging by the fact she bought some lights for her room!

...got a tad over-excited when my MK watch finally arrived - I love it! I'm so glad I finally got round to purchasing it - I've wanted one for a good year or so now!

...may have made a sneaky purchase to cheer myself up after a day of self doubt on placement

...had a very sleepy Princess

...added to my tumbler collection - this has a curly straw - how could I resist?!

...found out there were new Barry M gellys out - I had to, I just had to. 
Isn't that cobalt absolute perfection?!

...made a trip to Starbs for my usual 

...had dins at the bf's house :)
side note: I felt very grown up when we picked up a side salad to go with our meal :P

...finally watched Pitch Perfect (with the bf) - to be honest I don't think it's 'the funniest film of the year' - I mean we laughed at little bits but we weren't in creases all the way through :S Maybe it's that age old difference between British and American sense of humour?

...had to beg Pickle to give me back my pass for work :P

...gave up trying to find a bottle with my name on so just settled for being my own friend :P

...had a late lunch at Starbs when I had a half day on Friday - yay!

...got excited when I saw the new instagram video feature (I didn't really get on with vine that well!) and snapped (shot??) this one of Prin straight away!

What did you get up to this week?

P.S. feel free to link up with your MWIP - I'd love to see them!

aHm xoxo