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MWIP: 25/52...

Hey everyone

So, this week was my first week back at placement (it was so hard going back to waking up early - I miss summer already!) and I was crazy busy adjusting again, but here's what I got up to...

...I painted my nails with OPIs 'Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh' - a lovely nude - perfect for work :)

...I have to say that my favourite part of my work day is lunch when I can use my cute lunch box and water bottle #sorryimnotsorry :P

...I realised that my portfolio is coming along nicely :)

...I couldn't resist this cute little face!

...I realised just how type A I am when it comes to my portfolio

...I had breakfast for dinner one night

...I was in such a bad mood because the lovely summery weather gave way to this horrible grey, rainy-ness.

...I enjoyed teasing Princess with her fave green ball :P She is getting pretty good at learning 'wait' though :)

...I fell in love with Mike Ward on The Voice UK at the moment - he's a country singer. From Manchester. Could he get any more perfect?! I am so excited to find a UK country singer who's voice can literally make me have a heart attack it's so stunning. Please give this a listen - you will love him too, I'm sure!

What did you do this week?

aHm xoxo