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MWIP: 23/52...

Hey everyone

So, this week I...

...enjoyed some lovely summery weather - shocking I know! - a much welcomed relief from the terribly cold and rainy weather we've been having recently!

...what can I say? #shamelessselfie

...had help doing my bi-annual wardrobe clear out - it was so stressful but I felt so much better once I'd done it! It did make me realise quite how much I had accumulated that I just didn't wear any more - a good job done!

...found my old fave campervan slippers from the bf in said wardrobe clear out - I love them!

...ended up going a little overboard this week on the mocha cookie crumble frap (my absolute fave!) #sorryimnotsorry Plus, a starbs has opened just 15 mins away - it's too awesome!

...I picked up a couple of new tumblers from starbucks - I just love them!

...enjoyed spending time in the garden with Princess
side note: except for when she stole Ma's glasses and my earphones and made me chase her to get them back! She's so cheeky!

...I found Butter London in stores for the first time when I was shopping with the bf and couldn't resist picking up 'Disco Biscuit' - it's a gorgeous fuchsia with blue glitter in it - so cute!

...the Yankee tumblers are Ma and my new obsession so she bought me a couple more - they both smell so perfectly summery :)

...found a very sleepy Pickle having a nap

...bought a Peace Lily for my room - I've been wanting a plant for ages and just fell in love with this one when I saw it! Apparently Peace Lilies are supposed to purify the air which will be lovely for my room - plus they don't require much maintenance which is good because I can guarantee that I will forget to water it at some point :P

...bought Princess a giant ChickChick - her normal sized chickchick's are her absolute fave toys so when I found this I had to get it for her - she's obsessed with it!

...spent a lovely day laying out in the garden

...had a partner in my sun worshipping day :P
...found a great new iPad stand :P

Hope y'all had an awesome week! 

aHm xoxo