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Officially Done With Second Year...

Hey everyone

As of 6pm yesterday I've been officially done with second year! 

This is actually crazy.

How am I two thirds of the way through uni already? 
This time last year I was relishing the fact I'd made it through my first year, this time next year I will be done with uni and stepping into the real world of work (hopefully!) for the first time. Woah.

So this year has been a pretty busy one! 

I took 10 modules; 
Applied Biomedical Science
Medical Lab Sciences I
Endocrinology & Cell Signalling
Medical Lab Sciences II
Research & Analytical Skills
Metabolism in Health & Disease
Professional Relationships
Molecular, Cellular & Structural Immunology
Gene & Protein Engineering
  and lemme say I can definitely tell the difference between the difficulty level of the material compared to first year! 

I had an awesome time with my uni buddies - the Halloween Ball, Christmas Dinner, a trip to my local live music place to see my faves {MDL Band} & a Disney film night were my highlights :)

And I managed to survive my first block of placement - and loved it! 

I have approx 3 weeks of freedom off before I start back to my placement for another two months so I'm gonna make the most of it! 

I'm planning a trip to Hickory's today to get my fix of American food #nom, Chilberries for fro-yo with the uni girls, going to Kubefest to watch MDL Band (so excited!), a sneaky shopping trip to London with Ma, a day-trip to New Brighton to take Princess to see the sea and then just some good 'ole chilling out and reading :)

I'm excited for my 3 weeks of summer (until August, but that seem ages away at the moment!)

Hope you're all enjoying your summer! 

aHm xoxo