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MWIP: 22/52...

Hey everyone

This week was my first official week of summer - woop! 
Here's what I got up to...

Ma bought me this cute candle holder thing (side note: I've been wanting one for ages but seeing as there is no B&BW in the UK I've been at a loss as to where to find one but we spotted them in our local Yankee Candle shop so I was very happy!) and the Beach Walk tumbler - I {told you} this one would be by next candle purchase!

This little Princess decided to be attention-seeking and not let me use my laptop :P

Ma brought me the best revision snack ever - I swear their is a scientific link between chocolate and information retention (well, that's what I tell myself anyway :P)
Princess decided to wake me up with cuddles one morning - too cute!

I am {finally done with second year} - nothing feels better than having all of your revision lists all crossed off and done with!

I went to Chester with Ma to {find the best restaurant ever} and did a little bit of shopping - I finally caved and bought some wedge trainers (side note: I was desperate for some since seeing {this post} on The Londoner), I found this cute wristlet so had to pick it up, I also found a mini Bumble & Bumble surf spray and thought it'd be nice for the summer and I picked up the Collection concealer in my shade (finally!). Then I picked up the Helping Hands hand cream from Lush - I posted about wanting it {here} so I hope it works well!

At the best restaurant ever I had the most incredibly delicious burger ever!

I lost little Pickle in my Harrods bear collection 

Princess went for her first hair cut - apparently this 'teddy' cut is going to make her super fluffy - I'm excited!

I couldn't resist snapping this - how adorabubble does she look?!

I did a little bit of shopping whilst {in London} with Ma 

I put up my latest Mcfly concert from their {Memory Lane Tour} - I have to say my ceiling is one of my fave parts of my room! Surprisingly the bf isn't much of a fan of these beauties staring down at him :P

We bought some Laudree macaroons from London for Nam to say thank you for looking after Pringle for us while we were away. I was never a fan of macaroons before trying these ones but ohmylife I am now! These macaroons are the real deal and are absolutely stunning! I highly recommend them!

My hair can definitely tell when we have a nice summers day - it dreadlocks itself.

This weeks manicure was the Barry M Gelly polish in Greenberry - it's just so bright and summery!
On said London trip I had the most decadent froyo ever from Harrods - it was mahussive and had 24 carat gold flakes on it - stunning!

What did you do this week?

aHm xoxo