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MWIP: 21/52...

Hey everyone

So this week has been a busy one - I blame silly exams taking up all of my time! 
Anyways, this week I...

...made the most ridiculously complicated revision card ever. 
side note: none of this info actually came up in the exam at all. What a waste of brain space.

...snapped a picture of my Harrods bear collection to tweet them

...really didn't understand how these were meant to look like turtles
side note: this actually came up on the exam - I wasn't impressed.

...realised just how long Princess has gotten - she's almost as long as my legs! Though I am somewhat vertically challenged so it may just be that she's not actually that long :P
...had Pickle sleep in my room for the first time ever!

...spied a little Princess hiding :P

...bought my absolute fave m&ms as revision snacks

...actually became addicted to Pinterest. I've have it for a while but only recently actually sat down and made proper boards and went on a pinning spree (or multiple sprees :P) - follow me {here
#shamelessplug #sorryimnotsorry

...got up super early so I could fit in a few extra hours revision before my medlab exam

...had a slush puppy 

...tried the new enormous teacake from Costa - it's literally huge! Just look at it in comparison to that espresso cup! Madness!

What did you get up to this week?

aHm xoxo