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MWIP: 19/53...

Hey everyone

So, this week I...

...was annoyed when our lovely spell of dry weather we were having broke - silly rain.

...took a #shamelessselfie the day of my first exam 

...snapped this little one on guard duty :P

...watched with Princess as poor chickchick had to have emergency surgery

...received some exiting packages in the post! 
Yay for my new bubble necklace and lilly print-esque dress :)

...had one of Costas summer drinks - an iced mocha - yep wasn't very impressed :(

...bought Pickle a new toy - BunBun - it's nearly as big as she is! But I couldn't resist - when I took her in the shop she wouldn't stop staring at it - too cute!

...also spied a replacement chickchick for when chickchick the first becomes too broken to repair - welcome to the family chickchick the second!

...bought another new dress - this one has such a pretty dove (?) pattern on it :)

...wrote this post with this little one sat on my knee :P

Hope you had an awesome week!

aHm xoxo