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MWIP 18/52...

Hey everyone

Apparently I decided to make up for the distinct lack of pictures in {last weeks'} MWIP by taking approx. a million pictures this week! 

So, this week I...

...officially started revision (seeing as my first exam is on Monday I thought I better had start!)

...took an obligatory Princess picture :P

...found my fave new quick dinner #yum
side not: I may or may not mostly love this due to the cute takeaway box it comes in :P

...started one morning the best way possible with my Stitch mug and tea from the Tassimo machine :)

...snapped Pickle in her favourite neighbourhood watch station :P

...decided that the best way to cure a migraine would be a Ben & Jerrys ice-cream sandwich and YooMoo fro-yo :)

...couldn't resist the card-can packaging on these teas!

...took a pretty impressive (if I do say so myself :P) picture of my Princess :)

...bought a couple of wristlet keyrings from {ebay} because I was sick of loosing my keys in my bag all the time! 
side note: I was only planning on getting the campervan ones (in case you didn't know - I'm obsessed with campervans!) but the minnie mouse one was just too cute to pass up!

...celebrated G's 75th birthday...

...in true British style with a tea party...

...complete with a smidge of France in the form of macaroons!

...couldn't resist letting this little one sleep in my bed one night - how could you resist?!

...finally found a local restaurant that serves carpaccio (I'd take raw beef over raw fish any day - not a sushi fan! #sorryimnotsorry) - literally my most fave dish ever! and...

...had these yummy and beautifully presented profiteroles at the same restaurant!

What did you do this week?

aHm xoxo