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Mcfly: Memory Lane...

Hey everyone

So a few days ago I went to see Mcfly on their Memory Lane Tour (essentially their 'best of')! I {documented} last years tour and I'm using this post to document this tour - it was an amazing night :)

The first support act was James Bourne! Remember him? Does saying Busted help to ring a bell? Well he was really good! I was never a massive busted fan but obviously I knew their songs and hearing him play some of them was such a good throwback feeling - literally the whole crowd knew ever word to Year 3000!
side note: He has written a {musical} and I really really wish I could have gone to see it!

The main support act were {The Vamps} - ohmylife! They were incredibly awesome! I'd watched some of their covers on YT just to hear their sound and liked but them playing live totally had me hooked - they were ahmazing! I wasn't much of a fan of their cover of Little Things that they played but their two original songs were perfect! Wild Heart was awesome (such a good beat  -I've had in on repeat on YT since I got home) but Cecilia totally stole my heart (haha) - the chorus was so catchy - I'm still humming it now! 

So then it was time.....

First off, the set was awesome! '50s movie-theatre-esque awesome - how cool?!

This was one of the few photos I actually took - mainly because I was too busy rocking out and bopping to actually stand still enough to take a photo! 

The set list was perfection - literal perfection - all their classics (Obviously, 5 colours, Room on the Third Floor, etc etc.) and then some of their lesser played live songs - like That Girl (one of my absolute faves!), Smile and Bubblewrap - I've never heard Bubblewrap (or Smile) live before and honestly it was beautiful.
They played my Nams' fave too - Shine a Light - honestly she was rocking with the best of 'em when they played that one - she was literally mesmerised - it was awesome to see her enjoying it so much!

They also played a little YMCA set complete with funny hats - hilarious and so good for getting the audience involved (as if they weren't already!)

Of course I had to buy some merch - a concert wouldn't be complete without it!...
side note: they were selling Mcfly popcorn - how cute and fitting for the set design?!

it was a given that I'd buy a programme (and a poster) - I have a collection of all of the ones I've been to - I need to figure out some way of displaying them actually (I'm sure pinterest will have something!)

and then I caved and bought a hoody too - I couldn't help myself! It had the Love is Easy logo on the back and everything - and I don't have many zip up hoodys so it was totally justified :P

Then Nam bought me a t-shirt - I loves it so much!

#shamelessselfie #sorryimnotsorry 

 Every time I go to see Mcfly perform I say that it was their best show ever - but on this Memory Lane one they really raised the bar! It was the most incredible concert I've ever been to! I bought my bestie Lj a ticket for Christmas and it was her first time seeing them - she came out astounded by how much energy and time they spent on stage (2ish hours constantly performing (as in playing not just standing talking) without a break - pretty impressive when you think about it!) and a newly converted Galaxy Defender (it only took 10 years of me telling her how awesome they were for her to finally believe me!) - Welcome to the Mcfly Army Lj! :)

aHm xoxo