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Mcfly Day...

Hey everyone

I go to see MCFLY tonight!!! With Ma, Nam and Lj (Lj and I bought eachother concert tickets for Christmas - she bought me Olly Murs and I bought her Mcfly! - highly recommend this gift idea for your best one!)! Yes, my mum and nan are big Mcfly fans - my nam's fave song ever is 'Shine a Light' #justsayin'

Since getting the tickets in November time has whizzed by and it's here already!

Mcfly are my absolute fave band and I love seeing them live - {last years tour} was the best one yet but by the looks of this tour it's gonna top that one! The set alone looks awesome - '50s movie theatre? Sign me up!

{not my photo - credit}

What makes me even more excited for this tour is that its their 'best of' tour - so fingers crossed they will play all of my faves (who am I kidding - all their songs are my faves!) - and maybe throw a few of their newest tunes in as well for good measure :P

In case you hadn't guessed - I am incredibly excited! 

aHm xoxo