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Happies & Crappies...

Hey everyone
I'm back again linking up with {the vintage modern wife} & {scissors and a whisk} to take stock of this week in the form of my...


I {officially finished second year} - I cannot believe that this year went so fast!

I had the most incredibly authentic American barbecue lunch ever at {Hickory's} on my day out to Chester with Ma - it's my new absolute fave restaurant!

I had an awesome time shopping in London with Ma this week - finally got to try the Victoria's Secret scents - loved them all!

I did a massive deep-clean-up of my room today - it's needed doing for ages but I've just been so busy so it feels great to be in an all clean and organised space again :)

My wisdom tooth has either stopped or finished growing - either way it has stopped hurting - win!

Tickets for Mcfly's 10th anniversary Royal Albert Hall show come on sale tomorrow and I'm so excited - fingers crossed that I get some!

I became addicted to etsy - I foresee it becoming a problem for my bank balance!


I forgot the rinse the coffee machine out before I made my cup of tea - the aftertaste of coffee wasn't pleasant 

Ma was decorating the lounge and she ended up spilling a whole can of milk white paint on our cream carpet - who knew those neutral shades could be quite so different?!

Wow! Only 2 crappies this week - you can tell I'm on summer break :P
Happies>Crappies count: 9 weeks :)

P.S. thank you for all your sweet comments re. my stress and wisdom teeth issues from last weeks H&Cs - they were much appreciated :)

aHm xoxo