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Happies & Crappies...

Hey everyone
I can't believe that I forgot to link up with {the vintage modern wife} & {scissors and a whisk} last week! But here I am back again (guess who's back....:P) this week to take stock of this week in the form of my...


It's {Mcfly Day} - I am so so so excited to see my fave band live again! 

I downloaded a boat load of new tunes on Friday - new music always makes me happy!

I did a little bit of shopping this week - there's nothing like a bit of retail therapy!

It's nearly time for Costa & Starbucks to release their summer drinks - summer drinks are my absolute fave so I'm pretty excited. So excited in fact that I may or may not have been googling their release dates #sorryimnotsorry 

Mcfly are doing a show at the Royal Albert Hall for their 10th birthday in November so Ma and I are planning on spending the weekend down there - that's if we get tickets - we better had do!

I am officially 2/5 exams down #homewardstraight

I finally bought and fitted a door handle to my bedroom door - after 20 years being without one I figured I should probably get around to fixing it!

I finally got around to purchasing a bubble necklace - I've literally worn it every day since I got it #threedaysstraightandcounting

I found 2 new restaurants that I really really want to go to - Giraffe and Hickory's I will be paying you both a visit very soon!

My new dresses came in and I loves them!
(post coming on Monday in relation to them!)


I really didn't do so well in one of my assignments from stats - yeh. Although I didn't fail it, it still wasn't up to my usual standard and it really got to me - I thought it would complete mess up my overall grade for my degree and everything - yep, I was stressing out!

I'm officially into my intensive revision schedule - meh.

I think I may have broken my printer when I tried to get rid of a paper jam #oops

My stress-headaches are in full force seeing as it is nearing the end of the semester :(

My laptop is still dying. I really really need to just get off my butt and go get a new one!

I had to book my car into the mechanics - my window is being temperamental and the exhaust sounds a bit funny - oh the joys of car-ownership!

Happies>Crappies count: 6 weeks :)

aHm xoxo