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Day Out: The Perfect American Restaurant (in England)...

Hey everyone

warning: this post contains a boat load of pictures (mainly of food) and me waxing lyrical over American barbecue

So, long-term readers I am sure will know my absolute obsession with anything American. I've been lusting after dining at an authentic American restaurant for absolutely ages - mac n' cheese, 'slaw, pulled pork, iced tea in mason jars - *le sigh* but alas I've never been to the land of the free so I've never tasted the 'proper' version of all of these beauties....until now...

...enter {Hickory's Smokehouse} of Chester 
- this beautiful restaurant is the answer to all of my food-related American dreams - it prides itself on providing 'authentic American barbeque' and trust me - they deliver! (well I presume they do - I can't compare it to actual American bbq but if it tastes as awesome as I think the real deal would do!)

Ma, Nam & G discovered this little gem of a place when they went to Chester a few months back - their words when they looked at the menu were "Belle would love this!" - since then I've been waiting patiently to go try it out for myself - so seeing as I officially {finished second year} this week I thought paying Hickory's a visit would be a great way to celebrate!

Hickory's is in Chester - a beautifully historic city with a pretty awesome Roman wall so I couldn't not take some pictures to share with you!

We got to Hickory's, walked in, the first thing we see was this awesome popcorn maker - how cool?!

The even more awesome part? You get free popcorn brought to you while you decide on what to order. I was sold already!

As I was hoping - the menu was incredible. I had such a hard time deciding what to have! I mean, just look at that awesome list of sides!

Eventually, we decided. Ma had 'The Big Pig' sandwich - delicious pulled pork with salad on a brioche bun with chips fries (:P) and 'slaw. 
Also, can we just take a minute to say how darn cute that little metal bucket of BBQ sauce is?!

I decided on the classic 'Hickory Buger' - I was sold on it when the menu said it was inspired by the Shake Shack burger. It was amazing. Literally the nicest burger I've ever had the pleasure of eating. Ever.

Of course I had to have a side of mac n' cheese - again super yummy!

Isn't it a beauty?! Two perfectly cooked burgers with pickle, onion (I removed those two but the flavour was lovely), tomato, lettuce and cheese (Monterrey Jack I think) stuffed between a beautiful brioche bun. 
Seriously, I could reminisce about those brioche buns all day long (bread is my weakness).

I couldn't resist taking a closeup - how delicious does it look?!

So, albeit I was decidedly full from that burger of awesomness etc. but I couldn't leave without trying the intriguing pudding 'Campfire Marshmallows' - again I had high hopes (I've wanted to toast marshmallows on an open fire for such a long time) and again I wasn't disappointed.
First off, how stunning is the presentation?

You got to toast your marshmallows - Ma acted a bit like a pyromaniac over this step and got completely over-excited and set one of her sticks on fire, where as I was completely scientific over where and how long before the optimum melted consistency was reached before it burnt.

Either way, ultimately dipped in melted chocolate - it was stunning!

The restaurant decor was incredible, the theme was continuous (from the lights, to the menu, to the place settings), the food was super delicious (and very reasonably priced - I would pay a whole lot more to get my American bbq fix!) and the staff were lovely!

The only complaint I had was that I was silly and didn't read the menu before I ordered my drink - I went with my standard diet coke and missed out having iced tea (in a mason jar!!! I'm still kicking myself!), a float or some yummy-sounding cocktails!

I had an amazing time at {Hickory's} and I cannot wait to go back! 
I am definitely going to be going there for my birthday this year (a. for iced tea in a jar (so I can then knock it off my bucket list! and b. because they have mini-bottles of fizz that comes with a straw - how cute?!) - new favourite restaurant for sure!

aHm xoxo