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Day Out: New Brighton...

 Hey everyone

Last Saturday to celebrate the bank holiday weekend the family and I decided to take a trip to New Brighton. We love going there (we went there for my birthday {last year}) and this time we thought we should take Princess for her first trip to the beach! Plus there was some recreation of a battle going on in the Mersey over in Liverpool and G wanted to see the fly past of the war planes so we went to watch that too (to be honest the fly past wasn't that impressive but nevertheless we had an awesome day :)

Since this trip was all about Princess I thought I'd re-cap the day through her eyes and let her tell you how she went on...

So, BelBel has asked me to dictate my captions to these photographs from my adventure today at the beach - this was my first glimpse of the sea and the first feeling of sand under my paws - I completely see why the family were so excited to go - it was awesome!

I can't say I was much of a fan of the sea - bit chilly and wet for my liking - but I investigated even so :P

I got a little bit over-excited and just ran around in circles for a little while - what can I say? The beach has all these cool new smells and loads of people - it was exciting!

I had to rally the family along - they just wanted to sit down and enjoy the view - I didn't have time for that - I wanted to see everything!

We passed this super amazing pirate ship on the beach made out of driftwood - Ma was mean and wouldn't let me go and play on it though :( - apparently BelBel said that it used to be just some dolphin sculptures.

I did have to have a bit of a sit down then - all the people I had to make friends with really took it out of me! But I did meet a couple of really cute kids - they wanted to take me home with them!

The family then sat and watched a flypast (big noisy aeroplanes flew overhead to mark some big battle that went on in the Atlantic 70 years ago) - I was far too busy playing with my tennis ball to pay any attention

We then went and had some lunch - I had some yummy biscuits and carrots while the family had fish and chips - while they were finishing I thought I'd have a little snooze under Ma's chair in the sunshine - shh, don't tell them!

Feeling all energised after my little nap I took BelBel for a run along the beach...  

...and pretended that I didn't know where my tennis ball was - really I was just hiding it from her :P

I tried to wander off into the sunset because I thought that would be an epic end to the day but the family said we had to go home - killjoys.

So in protest - I snoozed all the way home. I was all tuckered out after my awesome first time at the beach!

Hope you all enjoyed reading about Princess' perspective - lemme know if you did!

aHm xoxo