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Day Out: London Town...

Hey everyone

So last Thursday I ended up taking a trip to London with Ma for a girly shopping trip - it was lovely :) We haven't been to London together since my Dad left (London was our special place to go as a family) so it was quite momentous that we made it back to the city after about 5 years!

Anyways - my apologies for the lack of pictures of the city itself - it was ridiculously busy and to be honest I was just soaking it all in! 
I promise I will take some next time!

Our day went a little like this though, 

We caught the train to London and ended up sitting in a carriage with the most annoyingly irritating three lads I've ever known! From what they sounded like they professed to be absolute pinnacle of knowledge for every single subject. And they didn't shut up for the entire journey. An hour and a half of complete ridiculousness was far more than I could handle!

We got a taxi from Euston to New Bond St (I love love love travelling by taxi through London - I know the tube is cheaper but I would hate to miss all of the sites - the buildings are just stunning!) to hit up Victoria's Secret. Woah - what a shop! It was something else - it was crazy awesome! I ended up purchasing some body sprays/washes because I've been wanting to try them for absolutely ages and ages but never had the opportunity 'til now.  
I got the Love Spell body wash, the Secret Charm body wash and body spray (it was my fave!) and the Pink Fun & Fearless body spray plus a free brolly! Which came in very handy - it was raining on and off all day!

Then we meandered along New Bond St to Old Bond St and then Saville Row. Along the way we wandered through some of the old arcades (I was reminded of that scene in Parent Trap - mine and Ma's fave film!) to admire the jewellery (simply beautiful!) and ended up stumbling across the Laudree shop! Of course we had to pop in and get some to take home as a 'thank you' to Nam for looking after Princess all day for us!

The flavours we got were, R-L: Marie Antoinette, Raspberry, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Pistachio & Strawberry Mint

After that we (eventually) found Oxford St and stopped off for some lunch at this adorable little deli we found
We both had club sandwiches - they were beaut!

Our next port of call was Forever21 and on the way we walked past the most beautiful fruit stall I've ever seen (in person anyway - the fruit stalls on tumblr are something else!) - there were so many punnets of strawberries piled high - it was mad! 

We made it to Forever21 and to be honest I was left feeling slightly disappointed. None of the clothes really stood out to me, the jewellery was just too hipster for my taste and the staff weren't very pleasant at all. I did like some of the shoes though - there were some adorable boat-shoe-esque ones there in neon pink but the sizing was really odd - I'm a UK 7 and tried on a 8 because there were no 7s and it was too small - it was very confusing. I left with nothing but Ma left with a lovely blue sparkly scarf - she's a sucker for a scarf :P

After that we head to Knightsbridge (our fave!) to see the Harvey Nichols beauty mart - again I was slightly disappointed - I was lead to believe it would be bigger than it was and they had stopped selling Bioderma (the main reason we wanted to go to the beauty mart!) so that was a shame! I did pick up some more of my fave eos lip balm though so it wasn't a complete loss! 
I also bought a new lunch box (sounds odd I know) from the food hall - it's all compartmentalised so I can take my sandwich, salad and dressing all separate in the one box to placement - I love it!

Our plan for the rest of the day was to spend it "getting lost in Harrods" (Belle points if you get that film reference :P) which we definitely managed! I love Harrods - it's my absolute fave place to shop in the city. The food halls, the luxury accessories, the toy kingdom (I had to stop myself from buying some serious Harry Potter memorabilia - I was convinced I need a Gryffindor Quidditch jumper in my life!), the bed linen, the pet corner (Princess would have loved it!) - just everything! 
Ma spotted this pet buggy in the pet corner and felt Princess 'needed' it. I managed to convince her otherwise - but there's no denying it is quite sweet.

For a little evening pick-me-up we went to the YooMoo fro-yo bar in Harrods - I spotted the 'magnificentmoo' on the menu, got intrigued by the 23 carat gold flakes  (seriously?!) and ordered it. 

What a mistake! It was massive! It literally came in a vase - no joke! I mean - just look at it in comparison to that single serving teapot!

Edible.Gold. Flakes. 

It was stunning though - and we did manage to make a pretty good dent in it!

After some more perusing and a little stop to the gift shop to get my auntie a present (she has just been diagnosed with breast cancer so we wanted to get her a little something to cheer her up so we got her a little rubber duck (sounds odd I know!) - she loves Harrods and ducks so when we saw it we just had to get it!) and Ma also got me these super cute earphones!

All in all in was an amazing day! I loved it! Plus, we are already planning a trip to go back!

aHm xoxo