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ASOS - Where Have You Been All My Life?...

Hey everyone

Recently I decided to peruse the {ASOS} website - now I've never really looked on there before and I am now kicking myself! There are so many cute pieces! Seriously - I could fill up that cart super quick!

Now, I've decided that 2013 will be the summer of the dresses for me - I've somehow fallen in to the mindset that dresses have to be for dressier situations and not worn everyday - how silly?!

So, I've decided that I'm gonna stock up on summer dresses and actually wear them this summer! In this spirit I set to looking on ASOS for summer dresses - and jeez, I wasn't disappointed!

Here are my fave picks...

I love the plain-ness of this one - it'd be so easy to dress up or down for summer or winter - very versatile.

I've been wanting a tank top maxi dress for a while now and this cobalt colour is stunning!

I think the style and pattern of this is so so cute!

Now, albeit this dress isn't the most summer-y but the pattern is so sweet - who can resist little birdies?!

Nautical is always in for the summer and in my mind there are few things more preppy than navy blue and white stripes - could I be any more sold on this? I think not!

I love the pattern on this one but I have a feeling it may be a tad too short on me but it is adorable, no doubt about it!

Le sigh - this is my absolute fave - so much so I had to purchase it before I carried on with this post! The print reminds me of a Lily print (or as close as I can get in England, okay - humour me :P) and is just so summery and cute! I love the length of this too - now, me being vertically challenged this actually comes down past my knees which is fine be me! How perfect would this be for work? I love it!

Are you a summer dress person? 
Or are you like me and 'save' your dresses for dressier occasions?

aHm xoxo


  1. Oh my! I LOVE LOVE LOVE ASOS. They have a really cute selection of clothing for curvier gals. Also their return policy is awesome, especially if like me, you are sometimes hesitant to purchase online.


  2. That maxi dress is gorgeous! Cobalt/royal blue is one of my favorite colors to wear. Great website, too (:

    xo Taylor


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