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Happies & Crappies...

Happies & Crappies...

Hey everyone
I'm back again linking up with {the vintage modern wife} & {scissors and a whisk} to take stock of this week in the form of my...


I had an amazing time on our {day out} in New Brighton!

It's actually been sunny today! Albeit it the weather has been terrible for the rest of the week but after just one day of laying out and sun worshipping I feel infinitely happier!

The Mocha Cookie Crumble frap is back and Starbucks - it's officially summer! And a Starbs has opened just 15 mins away from me - safe to say that I will be frequenting there quite a bit this summer!

I've had a great time just chilling out and enjoying summer - it has been great!

I did a massive clear out of my wardrobes - it was so stressful but it felt so good to just sort out and de-clutter my clothes!

I finally found Butter London's 'Disco Biscuit' - it's crazy awesome, I loves it!

I had a seriously lovely long weekend with the bf - we shopped, chilled out at home, ate out/had takeaways and just enjoyed each others company - loved it!


I didn't go to the end of year festival at uni #woodstoke so I missed seeing my fave local band {MDL} and as if that wasn't bad enough, the uni buddies there invaded the stage and partied with them - #sojel

I didn't end up getting tickets to see Mcfly at the Royal Albert Hall - safe to say I was gutted  - still am :(

Wow! Again, only 2 crappies this week - gotta love having a stress less summer break!
Happies>Crappies count: 10 weeks :)

aHm xoxo

Day Out: New Brighton...

Day Out: New Brighton...

 Hey everyone

Last Saturday to celebrate the bank holiday weekend the family and I decided to take a trip to New Brighton. We love going there (we went there for my birthday {last year}) and this time we thought we should take Princess for her first trip to the beach! Plus there was some recreation of a battle going on in the Mersey over in Liverpool and G wanted to see the fly past of the war planes so we went to watch that too (to be honest the fly past wasn't that impressive but nevertheless we had an awesome day :)

Since this trip was all about Princess I thought I'd re-cap the day through her eyes and let her tell you how she went on...

So, BelBel has asked me to dictate my captions to these photographs from my adventure today at the beach - this was my first glimpse of the sea and the first feeling of sand under my paws - I completely see why the family were so excited to go - it was awesome!

I can't say I was much of a fan of the sea - bit chilly and wet for my liking - but I investigated even so :P

I got a little bit over-excited and just ran around in circles for a little while - what can I say? The beach has all these cool new smells and loads of people - it was exciting!

I had to rally the family along - they just wanted to sit down and enjoy the view - I didn't have time for that - I wanted to see everything!

We passed this super amazing pirate ship on the beach made out of driftwood - Ma was mean and wouldn't let me go and play on it though :( - apparently BelBel said that it used to be just some dolphin sculptures.

I did have to have a bit of a sit down then - all the people I had to make friends with really took it out of me! But I did meet a couple of really cute kids - they wanted to take me home with them!

The family then sat and watched a flypast (big noisy aeroplanes flew overhead to mark some big battle that went on in the Atlantic 70 years ago) - I was far too busy playing with my tennis ball to pay any attention

We then went and had some lunch - I had some yummy biscuits and carrots while the family had fish and chips - while they were finishing I thought I'd have a little snooze under Ma's chair in the sunshine - shh, don't tell them!

Feeling all energised after my little nap I took BelBel for a run along the beach...  

...and pretended that I didn't know where my tennis ball was - really I was just hiding it from her :P

I tried to wander off into the sunset because I thought that would be an epic end to the day but the family said we had to go home - killjoys.

So in protest - I snoozed all the way home. I was all tuckered out after my awesome first time at the beach!

Hope you all enjoyed reading about Princess' perspective - lemme know if you did!

aHm xoxo

MWIP: 22/52...

MWIP: 22/52...

Hey everyone

This week was my first official week of summer - woop! 
Here's what I got up to...

Ma bought me this cute candle holder thing (side note: I've been wanting one for ages but seeing as there is no B&BW in the UK I've been at a loss as to where to find one but we spotted them in our local Yankee Candle shop so I was very happy!) and the Beach Walk tumbler - I {told you} this one would be by next candle purchase!

This little Princess decided to be attention-seeking and not let me use my laptop :P

Ma brought me the best revision snack ever - I swear their is a scientific link between chocolate and information retention (well, that's what I tell myself anyway :P)
Princess decided to wake me up with cuddles one morning - too cute!

I am {finally done with second year} - nothing feels better than having all of your revision lists all crossed off and done with!

I went to Chester with Ma to {find the best restaurant ever} and did a little bit of shopping - I finally caved and bought some wedge trainers (side note: I was desperate for some since seeing {this post} on The Londoner), I found this cute wristlet so had to pick it up, I also found a mini Bumble & Bumble surf spray and thought it'd be nice for the summer and I picked up the Collection concealer in my shade (finally!). Then I picked up the Helping Hands hand cream from Lush - I posted about wanting it {here} so I hope it works well!

At the best restaurant ever I had the most incredibly delicious burger ever!

I lost little Pickle in my Harrods bear collection 

Princess went for her first hair cut - apparently this 'teddy' cut is going to make her super fluffy - I'm excited!

I couldn't resist snapping this - how adorabubble does she look?!

I did a little bit of shopping whilst {in London} with Ma 

I put up my latest Mcfly concert from their {Memory Lane Tour} - I have to say my ceiling is one of my fave parts of my room! Surprisingly the bf isn't much of a fan of these beauties staring down at him :P

We bought some Laudree macaroons from London for Nam to say thank you for looking after Pringle for us while we were away. I was never a fan of macaroons before trying these ones but ohmylife I am now! These macaroons are the real deal and are absolutely stunning! I highly recommend them!

My hair can definitely tell when we have a nice summers day - it dreadlocks itself.

This weeks manicure was the Barry M Gelly polish in Greenberry - it's just so bright and summery!
On said London trip I had the most decadent froyo ever from Harrods - it was mahussive and had 24 carat gold flakes on it - stunning!

What did you do this week?

aHm xoxo

Day Out: London Town...

Day Out: London Town...

Hey everyone

So last Thursday I ended up taking a trip to London with Ma for a girly shopping trip - it was lovely :) We haven't been to London together since my Dad left (London was our special place to go as a family) so it was quite momentous that we made it back to the city after about 5 years!

Anyways - my apologies for the lack of pictures of the city itself - it was ridiculously busy and to be honest I was just soaking it all in! 
I promise I will take some next time!

Our day went a little like this though, 

We caught the train to London and ended up sitting in a carriage with the most annoyingly irritating three lads I've ever known! From what they sounded like they professed to be absolute pinnacle of knowledge for every single subject. And they didn't shut up for the entire journey. An hour and a half of complete ridiculousness was far more than I could handle!

We got a taxi from Euston to New Bond St (I love love love travelling by taxi through London - I know the tube is cheaper but I would hate to miss all of the sites - the buildings are just stunning!) to hit up Victoria's Secret. Woah - what a shop! It was something else - it was crazy awesome! I ended up purchasing some body sprays/washes because I've been wanting to try them for absolutely ages and ages but never had the opportunity 'til now.  
I got the Love Spell body wash, the Secret Charm body wash and body spray (it was my fave!) and the Pink Fun & Fearless body spray plus a free brolly! Which came in very handy - it was raining on and off all day!

Then we meandered along New Bond St to Old Bond St and then Saville Row. Along the way we wandered through some of the old arcades (I was reminded of that scene in Parent Trap - mine and Ma's fave film!) to admire the jewellery (simply beautiful!) and ended up stumbling across the Laudree shop! Of course we had to pop in and get some to take home as a 'thank you' to Nam for looking after Princess all day for us!

The flavours we got were, R-L: Marie Antoinette, Raspberry, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Pistachio & Strawberry Mint

After that we (eventually) found Oxford St and stopped off for some lunch at this adorable little deli we found
We both had club sandwiches - they were beaut!

Our next port of call was Forever21 and on the way we walked past the most beautiful fruit stall I've ever seen (in person anyway - the fruit stalls on tumblr are something else!) - there were so many punnets of strawberries piled high - it was mad! 

We made it to Forever21 and to be honest I was left feeling slightly disappointed. None of the clothes really stood out to me, the jewellery was just too hipster for my taste and the staff weren't very pleasant at all. I did like some of the shoes though - there were some adorable boat-shoe-esque ones there in neon pink but the sizing was really odd - I'm a UK 7 and tried on a 8 because there were no 7s and it was too small - it was very confusing. I left with nothing but Ma left with a lovely blue sparkly scarf - she's a sucker for a scarf :P

After that we head to Knightsbridge (our fave!) to see the Harvey Nichols beauty mart - again I was slightly disappointed - I was lead to believe it would be bigger than it was and they had stopped selling Bioderma (the main reason we wanted to go to the beauty mart!) so that was a shame! I did pick up some more of my fave eos lip balm though so it wasn't a complete loss! 
I also bought a new lunch box (sounds odd I know) from the food hall - it's all compartmentalised so I can take my sandwich, salad and dressing all separate in the one box to placement - I love it!

Our plan for the rest of the day was to spend it "getting lost in Harrods" (Belle points if you get that film reference :P) which we definitely managed! I love Harrods - it's my absolute fave place to shop in the city. The food halls, the luxury accessories, the toy kingdom (I had to stop myself from buying some serious Harry Potter memorabilia - I was convinced I need a Gryffindor Quidditch jumper in my life!), the bed linen, the pet corner (Princess would have loved it!) - just everything! 
Ma spotted this pet buggy in the pet corner and felt Princess 'needed' it. I managed to convince her otherwise - but there's no denying it is quite sweet.

For a little evening pick-me-up we went to the YooMoo fro-yo bar in Harrods - I spotted the 'magnificentmoo' on the menu, got intrigued by the 23 carat gold flakes  (seriously?!) and ordered it. 

What a mistake! It was massive! It literally came in a vase - no joke! I mean - just look at it in comparison to that single serving teapot!

Edible.Gold. Flakes. 

It was stunning though - and we did manage to make a pretty good dent in it!

After some more perusing and a little stop to the gift shop to get my auntie a present (she has just been diagnosed with breast cancer so we wanted to get her a little something to cheer her up so we got her a little rubber duck (sounds odd I know!) - she loves Harrods and ducks so when we saw it we just had to get it!) and Ma also got me these super cute earphones!

All in all in was an amazing day! I loved it! Plus, we are already planning a trip to go back!

aHm xoxo

Happies & Crappies...

Happies & Crappies...

Hey everyone
I'm back again linking up with {the vintage modern wife} & {scissors and a whisk} to take stock of this week in the form of my...


I {officially finished second year} - I cannot believe that this year went so fast!

I had the most incredibly authentic American barbecue lunch ever at {Hickory's} on my day out to Chester with Ma - it's my new absolute fave restaurant!

I had an awesome time shopping in London with Ma this week - finally got to try the Victoria's Secret scents - loved them all!

I did a massive deep-clean-up of my room today - it's needed doing for ages but I've just been so busy so it feels great to be in an all clean and organised space again :)

My wisdom tooth has either stopped or finished growing - either way it has stopped hurting - win!

Tickets for Mcfly's 10th anniversary Royal Albert Hall show come on sale tomorrow and I'm so excited - fingers crossed that I get some!

I became addicted to etsy - I foresee it becoming a problem for my bank balance!


I forgot the rinse the coffee machine out before I made my cup of tea - the aftertaste of coffee wasn't pleasant 

Ma was decorating the lounge and she ended up spilling a whole can of milk white paint on our cream carpet - who knew those neutral shades could be quite so different?!

Wow! Only 2 crappies this week - you can tell I'm on summer break :P
Happies>Crappies count: 9 weeks :)

P.S. thank you for all your sweet comments re. my stress and wisdom teeth issues from last weeks H&Cs - they were much appreciated :)

aHm xoxo

Day Out: The Perfect American Restaurant (in England)...

Day Out: The Perfect American Restaurant (in England)...

Hey everyone

warning: this post contains a boat load of pictures (mainly of food) and me waxing lyrical over American barbecue

So, long-term readers I am sure will know my absolute obsession with anything American. I've been lusting after dining at an authentic American restaurant for absolutely ages - mac n' cheese, 'slaw, pulled pork, iced tea in mason jars - *le sigh* but alas I've never been to the land of the free so I've never tasted the 'proper' version of all of these beauties....until now...

...enter {Hickory's Smokehouse} of Chester 
- this beautiful restaurant is the answer to all of my food-related American dreams - it prides itself on providing 'authentic American barbeque' and trust me - they deliver! (well I presume they do - I can't compare it to actual American bbq but if it tastes as awesome as I think the real deal would do!)

Ma, Nam & G discovered this little gem of a place when they went to Chester a few months back - their words when they looked at the menu were "Belle would love this!" - since then I've been waiting patiently to go try it out for myself - so seeing as I officially {finished second year} this week I thought paying Hickory's a visit would be a great way to celebrate!

Hickory's is in Chester - a beautifully historic city with a pretty awesome Roman wall so I couldn't not take some pictures to share with you!

We got to Hickory's, walked in, the first thing we see was this awesome popcorn maker - how cool?!

The even more awesome part? You get free popcorn brought to you while you decide on what to order. I was sold already!

As I was hoping - the menu was incredible. I had such a hard time deciding what to have! I mean, just look at that awesome list of sides!

Eventually, we decided. Ma had 'The Big Pig' sandwich - delicious pulled pork with salad on a brioche bun with chips fries (:P) and 'slaw. 
Also, can we just take a minute to say how darn cute that little metal bucket of BBQ sauce is?!

I decided on the classic 'Hickory Buger' - I was sold on it when the menu said it was inspired by the Shake Shack burger. It was amazing. Literally the nicest burger I've ever had the pleasure of eating. Ever.

Of course I had to have a side of mac n' cheese - again super yummy!

Isn't it a beauty?! Two perfectly cooked burgers with pickle, onion (I removed those two but the flavour was lovely), tomato, lettuce and cheese (Monterrey Jack I think) stuffed between a beautiful brioche bun. 
Seriously, I could reminisce about those brioche buns all day long (bread is my weakness).

I couldn't resist taking a closeup - how delicious does it look?!

So, albeit I was decidedly full from that burger of awesomness etc. but I couldn't leave without trying the intriguing pudding 'Campfire Marshmallows' - again I had high hopes (I've wanted to toast marshmallows on an open fire for such a long time) and again I wasn't disappointed.
First off, how stunning is the presentation?

You got to toast your marshmallows - Ma acted a bit like a pyromaniac over this step and got completely over-excited and set one of her sticks on fire, where as I was completely scientific over where and how long before the optimum melted consistency was reached before it burnt.

Either way, ultimately dipped in melted chocolate - it was stunning!

The restaurant decor was incredible, the theme was continuous (from the lights, to the menu, to the place settings), the food was super delicious (and very reasonably priced - I would pay a whole lot more to get my American bbq fix!) and the staff were lovely!

The only complaint I had was that I was silly and didn't read the menu before I ordered my drink - I went with my standard diet coke and missed out having iced tea (in a mason jar!!! I'm still kicking myself!), a float or some yummy-sounding cocktails!

I had an amazing time at {Hickory's} and I cannot wait to go back! 
I am definitely going to be going there for my birthday this year (a. for iced tea in a jar (so I can then knock it off my bucket list! and b. because they have mini-bottles of fizz that comes with a straw - how cute?!) - new favourite restaurant for sure!

aHm xoxo