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MWIP 15/52...

Hey everyone
So this week I started my placement but sadly I can't use my phone in the lab so no piccys there, but anyway - so this week I...
...couldn't resit buying these minnie mouse pjs - too cute!
...I gave in to my tumbler addiction yet again and added these two to my ever-growing collection
... am loving the print on my other pair of new pjs - what can I say; I like lounging around in pjs :P
...bought two pastel shirts in the hope that this spring weather we are having at the moment is here to stay!
...took a #shamelessselfie oops
...enjoyed lovely cuddles with this little one!

...monogrammed my lab notebook :)

...had more cuddles with Princess :P

...actually spent the whole day outside enjoying the sunshine
...generated a mahussive to-do list from placement - as much as I love it, it isn't half a whole lot of work!

...had my highlighter stolen by this little monster - that's my excuse for not doing much work this weekend :P

...spent what felt like every spare moment working on my placement evidence :(
...apparently made a pretty good cushion for this ones afternoon nap :P
...actually sat down and filmed a vlog this week! And subsequently found that my talents do not lie with being on camera haha!

...fell in love with our new coffee machine - it's my new best friend.
Side note: it does also make me feel like a barista so that's a plus - I've always wanted to be a barista - just me?
How was your week?!
aHm xoxo