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MWIP 14/52...

Hey everyone

So this week I was insanely busy with essentially all of my assignments all due in the last week of uni before Easter #yay so didn't manage to take many picture apparently, but anyways - this week I...

...found this monster peeking out of the front bay window when I came home

...gave myself a proper manicure for a change instead of just throwing polish on my nails for a change :P

...realised just how springy is Barry M's 'blueberry' is! These gelly polish are my absolute faves!

...did it in the dark on Monday for #earthhour and...

...spent #earthhour watching Mcfly's live performance - in panda onesies - how much more perfect could they get?!

...came home to find this ickle puppy all snuggled on the chaise lounge until...

...she moved and got even cuter!

...have been breaking these in all week ready for tonight's 'Las Vegas' party :)
P.S. look {here} for how I'm going to style them :)

...broke out the pastel coloured denim for Easter Sunday
side note: I treat pastel coloured denim with the same 'rule' as seersucker and white - just me?

...thought these decorations at Nams were just so darn cute! 

...found Nams Easter decorations so sweet!

...played hide and seek with this puppy dawggy :P

Hope y'all had a great week!

aHm xoxo