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Most Wanted...

Hey everyone

I haven't shared a wishlist with y'all for ages so I thought one was waaay overdue...

{bioderma} - I really need to get around to trying this!
{summer hat} - I posted in the winter about how I'm {obsessed} with hats and as summer roles around I still am! I love all the straw hats out at the minute - I'd like to think I'd be brave enough to rock this one!
{boat shoes} - these need to make their way into my wardrobe ASAP!
{twistbands} - I have a couple of these and love them - they don't tangle my hair at all! And I've just discovered that I can buy them here - win!
{trousers} - I would never wear these but there's no denying it - they're pretty awesome!
{nail polish} - diamonds. 'nuff said.
{mint!} - I love mint. There I admitted it - now I can go ahead and purchase yet another mint item, right? :P
{mascara} - I've been using up a sample of this and I really like it - I think this will become a permanent feature in my makeup bag!
{bubble necklace} - another trend I really need to jump on! I really want to start wearing some chunky necklaces - and the bubble one has to be my first one, don't you think?
{dress} - now though the trousers may not be that wearable, I think this dress totally is - le sigh - it's just beautiful!

What's on your wishlist at the moment?

aHm xoxo