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Every Day Make Up...

Hey everyone

I've recently established a host of 'holy grail' products. Previously I'd been flitting about between different brands and products and just not really hitting it off with any of them (especially foundation - I was buying a new foundation probably close to every time I went to Boots - ridiculous!) - until now!

expert face brush - this {real techniques} brush is my newest discovery and I love it! Before this I'd just been using {ELF} brushes so I thought it was high time I invested in a proper brush :)

touch eclat - I've resisted getting {this} for ages (I've been 'borrowing' Ma's for ages) and just put up with other under-eye concealers that just weren't as good - I can honestly see why there is all the hype around this - it's awesome!

supercurl - I received a tester of this with another purchase from {urban decay} and absolutely fell in love! It makes me eyelashes look really long - albeit not very curled as the name suggests - but I love how they make my eyelashes look anyways :)

naked skin - as I mentioned above I have been on the search for my fave foundation for quite a while but then {this beauty} fell into my life and I'm in love. It couldn't be more perfect - it feels light and soft on the skin, the coverage is impeccable, it lasts literally all day without touch-ups (I'm talking 8 hours - that's impressive!) and I don't need to add powder or anything. I highly recommend it!

eye bright - {benefit} has the most perfect brightener I've ever found - I wear it in my inner corner and on my waterline and just love how it looks!

eyebrow kit - I'm relatively new to filling in my eyebrows so I don't see the need to spend loads on a brow kit so {ELF} saves the day! 

24/7 glide on - I've just realised that this is the third product out of seven that is from {urban decay} - I promise I'm not sponsored by them or anything (I wish!!) but anyway, I have issues with eyeliner and I hate it when I can feel it tugging on my waterline so this one is perfect - it is the softest but most pigmented eye liner I've ever used! Plus it stays put for quite a while - always good when eye liner is concerned!

I'm always on the look out for new products so what make up do you use? Let me know in the comments!

aHm xoxo