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Stress Relief...

 Hey everyone

So seeing as it is nearing the end of the semester I'm inevitably snowed under with uni work to do - I have two lots of reflections to write, two sets of questions, an essay, a lab report, a research presentation, a stats report, a poster, a final exam - all due in the next three weeks! And on top of that 'normal work' I have my placement portfolio to get ready for my placement during Easter!

Due to all this I've been feeling a lot more stressed than normal - Ma even commented saying that she's never seen me this panicky about deadlines! 

So I thought I'd share what I like to do to de-stress - perhaps it will help you guys but mainly it's to remind myself that I need to chill out a bit!

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Watch an episode (or two!) of my {fave tv programme} - anything to get me to focus on something other than assignments!
Paint my nails  - a task that literally forces me to relax and do nothing for an hour (I get paranoid about smudging!)
Write a to do list - nothing helps me to look at things in perspective more than this - it helps me to prioritise and just get things straight in my head
Meditate - I believe in the power of cleansing and clearing your mind and employing positive thinking
Listen to your 'guilty pleasure' playlist - we all have one - don't lie :P - mine's full of country songs

and most importantly...

the more I stress, the less things I get done, the more I stress - it's an unhelpful cycle I hate getting in to.

What do you do to de-stress?
aHm xoxo