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Placement Outfits....

Hey everyone

I'm starting my placement in a couple of weeks time (side note: I cannot believe how fast this has come around! It feels like only yesterday and not last year that I went for my interview!) so I've started to think out what outfits I want to wear to work.

Seeing as my placement is in a lab in a hospital my attire needs to be quite smart but not overly (so no suits) seeing as I will be wearing a lab coat for most of my day anyway. Plus I don't want to wear anything too constricting or warm under my lab coat because that's just going to be annoying. 

Basically, I'm going to wear a shirt/blouse, black trousers and black shoes as my work outfit - classic. But I want to make things a little more modern and just more 'me' by making my shirts a bit more fun...

...I've been trawling the internet for inspiration and thought I'd share my faves with you - 

Top: {1} {2} {3} {4}
Middle:{1} {2} {3} {4}
Bottom:{1} {2} {3} {4}

I do love the lime green one (top left) but I'm just unsure as to how appropriate it will be for work.
The pink (top right) and green (bottom left) are definitely going to be purchased - so cute! 
As will the blue shirt with white piping (second from the left second row) - I love how classic this looks!
I like the coral polka dot one (bottom right) apart from the bow - I'm not  fan of that part.
I think the violet one looks super comfy  (second from the right bottom row)- perfect for those inevitable wishful lazy days!
And ruffles (farthest right middle row) - ah ruffles - how can you go wrong with ruffles?!

What do you think? Appropriate for a hospital lab? Let me know your thoughts - I'd love some input from you seeing as this is my first 'proper' job in an actual workplace!

aHm xoxo