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Pet Peeves: Driving Edition...

Hey everyone

Ever since I passed my driving test I've been noticing more and more how enraged I get at other drivers - I just don't understand some of the crazy things they do so I thought I'd share them with you - in the hope that they baffle you too and I'm not just crazy :P

1. Not using their indicators (blinkers) - I really don't get this - it's not hard to just flick a lever and have the common courtesy to let other drivers know where the heck you plan on going - they aren't mind readers! - it's not as if you have to stick you whole arm out of the window just move your wrist slightly - not difficult! 

2. Driving 40mph continuously regardless of the speed limit - on my route to uni there are some 60mph sections and some 30mph sections - some people just drive at 40mph all the way through - why? Can they not see the speed change? I don't begrudge them driving at 40 in a 60 if that's what they feel comfortable doing but why go 40 through a 30? Can they just not be bothered to brake? 

3. People who refuse to move into the side of the road so you can both get past - I drive down a lot of country roads and so experience this basically every journey - some people seem to be too terrified of scratching their paintwork that they can't move in just the teensiest bit so that we can pass each other - this means that instead of me just carrying on casually driving along, I have to basically throw myself into the hedge so as they don't run in to me - again, surely this is just common courtesy?

4. People who can't stick to their own side of the road - call me stupid but I thought that the fact that there are two sides to a road is to separate the traffic going in different directions to prevent crashes - if so, then why do people driving in the other direction insist on invading my little patch of road whenever they go around a corner? It makes no sense to me at all.

5. Not hitting the brakes - drivers who just take their foot off the accelerator to slow down without hitting the brakes really bug me - how am I meant to know when you decide to slow down - I'm not a mind reader! It's like the indicator thing all over again!

6. Cyclists - oh cyclists. My family has a long-standing joke with me that I can't stand cyclists - as soon as I see one on the road it just ruins my day. I really don't see why there can't be a cycle path on every road to keep cyclists and drivers separate. I hate having to overtake them, they always swerve about everywhere for whatever reason and there speed is so erratic! 

7. People on the phone - what part of 'against the law' is difficult to understand? This includes checking your phone, texting, making a sneaky phone call - just no, stop, please - before you hurt someone.

8. Swervy drivers behind me - this panics me so much - I hate seeing drivers swerve around behind me and look like they are out of control - the fact that they could easily crash in to me and it be no fault of my own really gets me scared - and annoyed to be honest - I don't need that extra stress of worrying about mr. crazy man behind me whilst I'm trying to drive!

9. Potholes - I swear there is no road in my parish that has no potholes on it - and I can never seem to avoid them - it's like my car has a magnet for them or something!

10. Drivers who have their thumpy bass-y music on full blast - (yes bf I am talking to you!) how are they meant to hear an emergency vehicle? Plus I don't want to listen to your music - if I did, I would play it in my own car at a reasonable volume.

I despise how it has literally taken me about 10 minutes to write this post - meaning that I have way too many driving-related pet peeves that I should have!

What are your driving pet peeves? Any similar to mine?

aHm xoxo