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MWIP 9/52...

Hey everyone

So this week I...

...painted my nails with Barry M's 'Prickley Pear' (the gellys have such cute names!

...was joined by Princess whilst I was studying

...finally got around to hanging up my pictures - thanks to Chloe from {the preppy diaries} for the top one - it looks perfect!

...got obsessed with photostrips - read about it {here}

...found a Freddo for only 20p so therefore had to buy it! It's a longstanding British joke that inflation can be proprtioned to how much a Freddo costs - they used to be 10p then I saw them for 60p (daylight robbery) and now 20p

...celebrated National Mint Chocoalte Day on Monday by finishing off my dark chocolate and mint M&Ms 

...painted my nails again - this time with Barry M's 'Lychee' (nude) and Nails Inc. 'the serpentine'

...had waffle fries and southern fried chicken pieces because saw chick-fil-a posts on tumblr that made me crave them so I had to make do with a British alternative - it was way yummy, definitely going to have this as a treat again! 

...had a very pretty hot cholocalte whilst out with Ma

...fell in love with these Cadbury Easter chocolate egg things - the centre is like the mousse truffle thing - literally the best thing I have ever tasted (well one of the best at the very least!)

... had an awesome bacon, tomato and mozarella sanwich for brunch with Ma

...made myself an epic dinner of date and walnut bead, pesto past, berry yoghurt and fruite pieces 

...found a very profound hipster sign

...managed to reverse my car up the drive for the first time (I never dared attempt it before - I'm not that great at reversing :P)

...bought a matching foundation with Ma - our shades are crazy different!

...got my placement portolio - it's all starting to become very real!

What did you do this week?

aHm xoxo