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MWIP 13/52...

Hey everyone

So this week I...

...had some lovely sleepy cuddles with this little one

...had my fave lunch - a bagel with pastrami, cucumber and mustard mayo

...played fetch with Princess whilst I was writing my lab report in my hall

...got a package in the mail containing...

...this beautiful Mulberry-Alexa-esque bag from ebay and...

...this incredibly awesome Celine-esque bag - I adore this bright blue colour.
side note: I was desperate for the Celine that I saw in {this post} from Rosie but there was now way that I could afford one so when I found this was a pretty good 'inspired' one from ebayI just had to get it too :)

...I posted {this post} on {my tumblr} and it got the most notes any of my posts have ever received - too bad it was an original pic :( 
(don't worry I did give credit to the {awesome shop} that it was from!)

...found a very cute puppy have some sleep cuddles with babbit

...had waay too many tabs open on minitab whilst doing my stats report

...got worried about the ability of GPs when I read this whilst revising for my Pro Relations final

...got to wear my fave snuggly hat again (and discovered that my hair was indeed long enough to plait again now - yay!) when I woke up to...

...this silly snow yet again - it's spring now weather if you hadn't noticed!!

...made brownies when my lectures were cancelled on Friday

...found it hilarious that Ma bought these teeny tiny bananas - aren't they cute? 

...had a lovely date night with this one and enjoyed...

...a delicious 'flirtini' cocktail - even though the name was a little cringey :P and...

...a yummy caprese :)

...shared in K's first experience of an oatcake - I forget that this is a local thing and people wont have tried them!

...straightened my hair. I don't know why I do this! You would have thought that after {this post} I would have remembered to never straighten my hair again because I just don't like it. Having said that - I do love how long my hair has gotten!

What was the highlight of your week?

aHm xoxo