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Las Vegas OOTN...

Hey everyone

So my extended family has a tradition of throwing a fancy dress party for every birthday any of them have - they've been pretty creative over the years, there was a 'J' party, a heros and villains one, a luau, etc. etc.

Saturday nights theme is 'Las Vegas' - I think the theme is implying feather boas, sparkly dresses  - all very casino-esque - where as I'm going to interpret it as 'merica themed - mainly so I can have an excuse to wear my beautiful heels for the first time! 

I decided to let my American flag shoes of awesomeness be the focal point of the outfit so I paired them with a simple black skater dress and a vintage Chanel along with this crazy mahussive American flag scarf as a shawl type thing :)

What would you wear to a Vegas themed party?

aHm xoxo


  1. I would definately go for something sparkly. Maybe a gold sparkly dress. But I love that American Flag worn as a scarf. Lately I've been really loving the American flag print on shirts.


    1. Sparkles would have been such a great idea - why didn't I think of that?! I'm obsessed with anything that has the american flag on it - it's becoming quite worrying :P

      Thanks for commenting :)


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