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Happies & Crappies...

Hey everyone

Today I'm linking up with {the vintage modern wife} & {scissors and a whisk} again to take stock of this week in the form of my...


Aside from a few sneezes here and there - I've not been ill all week! That's incredible seeing as for the whole of February I was ill!

My meeting with my lead training officer for my placement went amazingly well! She even  remembered me from my interview - I couldn't believe I'd made such an impression on her - hopefully it was for all the right reasons!

I managed to get some really good revision sessions in at the library this week

I had a really great tutoring session - my tutee (?? *shrugs*) started off not having a clue about the topic and by the end of the session she totally got it all!

I finally got to watch 'Inkheart' when it was on TV last weekend - I adored the book and the film wasn't too much of a disappointment 

I had a lovely meal out with the family for Nams birthday


I'm ridiculously busy with uni work at the moment - plus, as thankful as I am to have gotten my placement, preparing for it is putting a ton more stress on me that I could really just do without to be honest.

The bfs Grandad had a stroke today - he's in hospital. Life sucks sometimes.

Princess has decided that using my bed as a toilet is a good idea. I've had to change my bedding every day this week - not impressed.

My group for IPE is so useless that we can't even manage to get together to plan our poster - I think I may have to take charge and make them do it but I just really don't want to have to!

I found out that the 'class test' that I thought was formative is actually a final exam worth 60% of my module grade just in a classroom rather than an exam room.

Apparently this week was a pretty uneventful one :S BUT -  Yay for my happies list being longer than my crappies one! (only just but it still counts!)

Happies>Crappies #5 on the run! :)

aHm xoxo