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Day Out: Countryside & Fro-Yo...

Hey everyone

Last week I was going stir-crazy after all the work I had been doing for uni assessments so Ma and I decided to take Princess out for a walk in the country  - sometimes you just have to get away from it all and just be in some open space to recharge - well I do at least!

We went to a local country park - I'd apparently been when I was younger but I can't remember it at all so it was really nice to just go an wander round - sometimes I feel that we neglect the beautiful places on our doorsteps just because they are local, don't you?

...the copse walk was a little too muddy for today but it's definitely going to be our route for next time - it looks so pretty!

Princess had a great time leading the way! Until we passed some other dogs when she got scared and cowered behind my legs - blesh her!

I find the countryside so stunningly picturesque - this park is only half an hour away from my house but it feels like we've transcended into a different time period with all this open space and peacefulness

We found some fallen tree trunks to play with so Princess and I had a little balancing act going on :P

We eventually made it so the mere was in sight!

and the view was well worth the walk in the drizzle - beautiful.

The peace was only slightly shattered when no less than 9 planes flew overhead - bearing in mind we were only there for about 40 minutes I found this a tad excessive! This was Pringles first real confrontation with a plan flying this low too so she was petrified...

...so of course she had to have cuddles with Ma...

...and then me :)

 We wandered back to the gate and said 'bye - until next time' to the park

And then we went and treated ourselves to froyo! I swear this is {the best froyo place} ever! I talked about it {here} last year and literally nothing has changed - the froyo is still awesome, the shop itself is still beautifully designed and the staff are still incredibly friendly - I had a lovely conversation with the dude in serving me about rugby! I ordered a large before I realised quite how large it was - oops!
I had gummi bears, pineapple and reese's and Ma had raspberries, blueberries and reese's if you were wondering :P

Sadly Princess wasn't allowed any froyo - didn't stop her trying the puppy dog eyes though!

she eventually gave up and just sat quietly on my feet instead - throwing me the occasional reproachful look - I can't get over how well she travels - honestly as long as she is with either Ma or I (preferably both of us) I think she'd go anywhere in any form of transport - expect to see her on horseback by the end of the summer! Only joking :P

aHm xoxo